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Florence, South Carolina 2021-02-02 18:56:34 –

Columbia, South Carolina (WSPA) — After more than 30 years of service, Dr. Edward Shimmer retired from the military in December.

He said he was browsing the job offer on the state’s website when he saw a post in the vacant Health and Environment Administration (DHEC) director position.

State agencies have had no permanent director since June.

On Tuesday morning, Dr. Shimmer appeared in front of the Senate Medical Committee for a confirmation hearing. The DHEC Board of Directors nominated Dr. Shimmer for the job in late December.

The state senator asked about priorities for Dr. Shimmer to lead the agency. They also asked him about the changes he would have made to the deployment of the state’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Shimmer said the state-wide booking scheduling system could be operational once the vaccine began to arrive in South Carolina.

“I think one of the things I did was to develop it faster and make sure there was an effective way for people to book as soon as possible,” he said. ..

At the confirmation hearing, Dr. Shimmer also said he would like to make sure that the information from DHEC is clear, easy to understand and accessible. He said there seems to be confusion about the number of vaccines hospitals and other healthcare providers receive and who is included in Phase 1-A of the state’s immunization program.

“We would also like to consider the communication process between DHEC, hospitals and the general public as part of the deployment,” he said.

Dr. Shimmer said some of his other priorities included delivering the vaccine to all South Carolinas who wanted the vaccine as soon as possible and fairly. He also hinted at revisiting how South Carolina is currently allocating and distributing vaccines.Now it is based Population only..

“It makes sense to use a model that considers the risks and the number of people living in the county to be vaccinated at that time,” he told lawmakers.

Senator Danny Birdin, district 9, who chairs the Senate Medical Committee, said he believed that having a standing director in control of the DHEC would improve the authorities’ response to the pandemic.

He states: “With quarterbacks and signalers in place, as hinted at on the Senate floor last week, we can be confident that our team is in a stable position. It’s a service to our people. We will emphasize the offer. We will see the best day of the pandemic in front of us. “

Some senators asked psychiatrist Dr. Shimmer about his experience with environmental issues. He told them that he had some experience with these issues, but would rely on institutional subject matter experts to help guide him.

The Senate Medical Committee unanimously voted to give a favorable report to Shimmer’s nomination. Senator Verdin said he hopes to fully vote for Dr. Shimmer’s nomination on Thursday.

If he gets a green light, Dr. Shimmer told lawmakers that he could get to work right away.

Candidate to lead DHEC gets approval from panel of SC Senators, vote on floor soon Source link Candidate to lead DHEC gets approval from panel of SC Senators, vote on floor soon

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