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Candidates for next Spartanburg mayor discuss goals, what’s next for campaigns – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-10-15 17:19:18 –

Spartanberg, South Carolina (WSPA) – Economic development, public safety, and maintenance of urban infrastructure are issues that both candidates running to become the next Mayor of Spartanberg will address. It is one.

As elections approach, we often knock on doors and stab signs on the ground.

“I believe in Spartanberg. I love where I live and I promise to make Spartanberg a better place,” said Jerome Rice, a candidate for Mayor of Spartanberg. ..

Cathy McCabe, a candidate for Mayor of Spartanberg, said:

At least that was the case with McCabe and Rice. They both want to be the next mayor of Spartanberg.

Councilor Rice has conducted a campaign focused on the recovery of COVID-19, public security, and his main goal of making the city more equitable.

“That’s what we really need to reach the root cause, why do we live longer on one side of the town than on the other side of the town? It comes from many problems And that’s a big challenge, but we’re happy to take it, “Rice told 7News.

McCabe, the first female city lawyer in Spartanberg, said he wanted to provide homeless people with more resources so that the city’s infrastructure could keep up with their economic growth.

Her main focus is also on a transparent and accessible government.

“If they need to call me, they can call me,” McCabe said. “Government belongs to people, by people, and for people, and should be treated that way. We work for them.”

Spartanberg voters said they wanted change and hoped it would come with the new leaders of the town.

“People are thinking,’Hey, how do you get your next meal?’ They really don’t have such help, and it would be better if we had more resources. I feel like trying, “said Nycstro Hambrick, a resident of Spartanberg.

“That’s what I want to change,” said Toni Sutton, who lives in Spartanberg. “I want to take fairness and inclusiveness seriously.”

What both candidates have in common is a strong passion and love for the community.

“It’s people’s job to choose a mayor, and I want them to choose me,” McCabe said.

“We want to return whatever we can to help Spartanberg move forward,” Rice said.

Next to these two candidates is to keep up with the campaign and door knock. Also, more community forums. Next is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Candidates for next Spartanburg mayor discuss goals, what’s next for campaigns Source link Candidates for next Spartanburg mayor discuss goals, what’s next for campaigns

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