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Cannes Fashion: Good, Bad, and Simple Strange




July 19, 2021

With few red carpets last year, the Cannes Film Festival’s Tapis Rouge brought together stars, celebrities, and the world’s sharpest elbow influential people.

Without Léa Seydou (on the sidelines in Covid’s last-minute case), the charm could not be dimmed.

Bella Hadid-AFP

Fine pairs of lungs

Bella Hadid took a breather in her Schiaparelli’s “lung” dress. The bust was replaced with two carved gold bronchial branches that wrapped around the chest.

True to his reputation as Couture’s most daring designer, Daniel Roseberry said he wanted to celebrate his lungs when Europe breathed again after Covid.

However, some were worried that Hadid would catch her death.

To their less enlightened eyes, Hadid’s lungs appeared to be turned inside out and soaked in gold.

US supermodels also went all out with Jean Paul Gaultier’s black scarf bodice, proving twice in two days that they didn’t have to have a bust to rock the bustier.

-Spike really has it-

You might wonder if it’s a spike, LeeThe Cannes jury did the right thing by selling the festival postcards for $ 100 on his site. No one could doubt his style, even if he sported Nike adorned with his face.

At the age of 63 he still has it and is attracting all the cameras on Croisette With Fukusia Louis Louis vuitton Zoot suit and matching sunglasses.

Also the tip of the hat in his beret for every occasion-from black Panther Bastille Day From Tricolor in France to Jean-Paul Sartre’s Chin Stroke.

Tilda is just a loved one

Bella and Spike have suspended, while Tilda Swinton has a class like no other. She’s everywhere in Cannes, starring in five films and bringing White Duke’s androgynous to a wonderful “friend-made outfit.”

Loewe’s beloved Jonathan Anderson created a white apostle robe for her “Memoria” press conference, adorned with Colombian-colored feathers where the film was filmed.

After 10 minutes, 400 meters and a costume change, she won the Palm Dog Award for Best Dog Performance in Cannes on behalf of Spaniel.

The red collar was fixed to her neck, so the knees of all genders did not wobble.

Her dog appears with her and her daughter honor In two acclaimed “souvenir” films directed by the UK Joanna Hog.

Honor attacked her mother’s wardrobe (which must be about the same size as Andorra) for a vintage piece of the film.

Tears from Stones

Sharon Stone shouted the river in Cannes. And we can’t blame her. The famous brain star of “Basic Instinct” was awarded one of France’s highest cultural honors at the festival.

The Dolce & Gabbana gown wouldn’t have helped either. She appeared to be dragged back through the rose bushes of the fishing net.

Gray power

“Notting Hill” actress Andie MacDowell It may no longer be a big box office, but she showed off her blocked gray hair, proving that the old star was still shining.

The American stole much of the attention of the opening night with her brilliant mane.

She looked great, as the trending #SilverSisters hashtag proved.

“Annette” director Leos Carax also let go of it all that night and appeared in a suit that seemed to be borrowed from one of Croisette’s less popular playing cards.

Icarus in a dress

German influencer Leonie Hanne forever flaps her butterfly sleeves to do one better (or get the photographer’s attention) than the Wright brothers at Matt Damon’s “Stillwater” premiere. I recorded a big mistake.

She stumbled upon the carpet immediately after she couldn’t board the plane.

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Cannes Fashion: Good, Bad, and Simple Strange

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