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Cañon City tables Safe Outdoor Space ordinance following public outcry – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2022-05-04 23:50:45 –

Canon City, Colorado — On Monday, Canon City read a second reading of the Ordinance, which provides a temporary safe haven for people experiencing homelessness.

“It’s a six-month setting, so it’s not a permanent setting,” said Tim Denehey, Canon City’s councilor on behalf of District 4. I need help, I need help. “

The Safe Outdoor Space (SOS) Ordinance was passed in April and will be reviewed on June 20. The idea behind the ordinance is that the city council has stated that it can hold temporary things in one area and go somewhere when requested. Leave the city’s property.

Councilor John Hamrick talks about ordinances that follow the ordinance passed to ban homeless people from camping on city property. Credit: Rachel Saurer

“We have passed an ordinance that’do not camp on city property’,” said John Hamrick, a Canon city council member representing District 3. .. “

However, several locals expressed safety concerns at a parliamentary meeting. Melissa Hyams, who lives in Canon City, said she was concerned about where to put SOS.

“Why do you always put it where we are?” Hyams asked the council. “Are we always full of homeless problems and problems?”

Manny Colon, a third-generation farmer in Fremont County, talked about the vandalism he experienced from homeless people over the years.

“On the issue of trespassing … I lost the fenders from the trailer, I lost the wheels from the trailer,” he said, and added that he unnecessarily reached out to law enforcement agencies.

Councilor Tim Denehei said SOS is not a big tent city. Credit: Rachel Saurer

Mike Short told me late at night that law enforcement agencies found a naked man wielding a machete on his property.

“Everyone wants to help the homeless,” Short said. “But I’m really worried about the safety of my family. Some of them are very dangerous.”

Hamrick addressed these concerns and said: This is a perfectly valid observation, and in my view I need to see if there is any solution. “

Denehey said SOS will be monitored and not as big as most people think.

“People thought this would probably be a tent city,” he said. “We’re probably looking at five or six tents. It’s very accountable. There’s a toilet. There’s a washroom they’ll use.”

The council said they wouldn’t have a place yet if the ordinance was passed, but they said SOS was on the property of the city.

“When we look at space and space for the homeless, we hope to reach a point where they have some accountability for work and volunteering if they can’t get a job and go that way.”

You can see the full council meeting at YouTube..

Cañon City tables Safe Outdoor Space ordinance following public outcry Source link Cañon City tables Safe Outdoor Space ordinance following public outcry

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