Capitol Attack Panel Summons Five Republicans in Unprecedented Steps | US Capitol Attack

The House Elections Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack issued an unprecedented summons in an attempt to force cooperation in investigating Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 elections. Issued to Republicans of the People.

The special committee told Chairman Benny Thompson that House minority leader Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Ohio, Scott Perry, Pennsylvania, Andy Biggs, Arizona, and Mo Brooks, Alabama. Authorized to advance the subpoena to Brooks.

Five lawmakers are flat Refused to accept the invitation Sources said to provide voluntary support for the investigation.

Thompson said: “We wanted to give members the opportunity to voluntarily discuss these issues with the Commission before holding the hearing next month. Unfortunately, the individual who received the subpoena today refused. Has been forced to take this step to reveal the facts about January 6th. “

The subpoena shows that the special committee is seeking testimony from five homes. Republican Some of the most sensitive details about Trump’s illegal efforts to overturn the election, including contact with Trump.

Parents Reported earlier this week The Commission was approaching parliament to issue a subpoena to the Republicans, and was shocked to refuse any form of support despite its major relationship with the January 6 incident.

Sources familiar with internal deliberations no longer ignore that what has changed for members of the committee appears to be deeply involved in Trump’s illegal plans to overturn the 2020 election results. It was impossible.

After the announcement, McCarthy told reporters, “I have never seen a subpoena,” and repeated previous attacks on the Commission. “They haven’t done a legitimate investigation,” he said. “It’s as if they just want to chase their political opponents.” Meanwhile, Perry called the investigation a “charade.”

A letter of voluntary cooperation, rigorously outlined, was written by the Special Commission to dismiss five Republicans, as House investigators are preparing to put together their work prior to the June hearing. I will explain in detail the reason.

from McCarthyThe Special Committee said it would like to know more about communicating with Trump before, during and after January 6th. It also includes conversations in which the former president acknowledged that he was partially responsible for the attack on the Capitol.

The Commission is keenly interested in believing that McCarthy urged Trump to make such approval, sources said. It can provide evidence that the former president had a guilty conscience about the possibility of a future criminal investigation by the Justice Department.

from BiggsThe Special Committee, a former chairman of the ultra-conservative HouseFreedom Caucus, said he would like to know more about Republican lawmakers’ meetings with Trump at the White House in the days and weeks leading up to January 6.

The panel focuses on the December 21, 2020 meeting held with Trump in the Oval Office.

Special committee I want to expel Jordan His letter said to learn more about the meeting with Trump and other communications with the former president.

In Letter to PerryThe Special Committee said he was directly involved in efforts to corrupt the Justice Department and set up Trump-backed DoJ employee Jeffrey Clark as a proxy lawyer if he began investigating unfounded allegations of election fraud. rice field.

Panel too Summoned Brooks He spoke at a “Save America” ​​rally in Ellipse prior to the Capitol attack, especially wearing a bulletproof vest under his shirt, publicly about Trump’s pressure to “cancel” his election defeat. talked.

One notable and unexplained exception from the list was Ronnie Jackson, a former White House doctor in Trump, a member of the House of Representatives.

Bigs’ possible contact with far-right activist Ali Alexander is of particular interest to the investigation, sources said.

The Commission told Alexander, Bigs, and another Arizona Republican Paul Gosar, “planned to put the greatest pressure on Congress during the vote,” to Bigs staff and the House of Representatives themselves. I’m trying to unravel the testimony I spoke to.

Alexander got permission to hold a rally at the Capitol on January 6, but the event never took place. Instead, Alexander filmed the members of the Oath Keepers militia climbing the Capital Steps in a “stack” formation.

Mr. Thompson sought a pardon from the Panel in the days following the Capitol attack, as well as efforts to pressure lawmakers to create an “alternative” slate for Trump voters in the state he lost. He said he would like to ask about what he claimed to be.

Capitol Attack Panel Summons Five Republicans in Unprecedented Steps | US Capitol Attack

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