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Capitol rally seeks to rewrite Jan. 6 by exalting rioters | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-09-13 11:31:00 –

Washington (AP) —First, some blamed the deadly January 6 Attack on US Capitol The theory soon became clear about left-wing antifa antagonists. Next, a comparison was made between rioters, peaceful protesters, and even tourists.

Former President Donald Trump’s allies now call those charged with the Parliamentary riots “political prisoners.” This is an amazing effort to correct the story of that deadly day.

The serious rhetoric that precedes the upcoming rally on Saturday at the Houses of Parliament The latest attempt to explain the horrific assault Riots pledged allegiance to the then president attacked the building, fought police and tried to prevent Congress from approving the Democratic Joe Biden election.

“Some people call it the January 6th radicalism. They said January 6th was not a big deal, it was a terrible big deal, and in our attack on democracy. I’m rewriting the story to make it look like it is, “Heidi Berich said. Co-founder of a global project on hatred and extremism that studies extremist movements.

After all, the whitewashing attempt of the January 6 attack threatens to further divide the already polarized nation.

Rather than the country healing eight months after the deadly assault, the country is at risk of further disintegration as the next election approaches.

The expected crowd size and the intensity of Saturday’s rally are unknown, but law enforcement agencies seem to be missing out on Fencing was requested around the Parliament building The leadership was criticized during the January 6 process, and reinforcements were summoned to assist the immediately dismissed Parliamentary police. Parliamentary leaders were briefed on Monday morning preparations.

Authorities Right-wing radical group And other Trump supporters who struck the Capitol, it’s unclear if those actors will attend the new event. While members of Proud Boys and Oath Keepers accounted for a small part of the January 6 riots, militant groups were concerned as they were accused of some of the more serious crimes in the attack. increase.

Whether or not those groups participate, the rally can bring lonely actors to Washington. After midnight on Monday, Parliamentary police arrested a Californian man with a bayonet and macete on a pickup truck outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters. A man named Donald Craighead in Oceanside, California, told police that he was “patrolling” with a swastika and other white supremacist symbols on the truck. Police said it was unclear if he would participate in future demonstrations.

Rally organizer and former Trump campaign strategist Matt Brainard noted what was called a “prisoner” who was unfairly charged with being involved in the January 6 riots, including this event in cities across the country. Is being advertised.

“I attended all these rallies under the same threat to the rights of so many people currently in prison for the non-violent expression of the First Amendment’s rights. I am very proud of my patriots, “he said. July news release.

Brainard refused to answer additional questions by email, and the Associated Press refused to accept the terms he created for the interview.

As Trump is openly considering another election for the White House, many Republicans who have joined his efforts to challenge Biden’s victory still make his false claim that the election is fraudulent. Despite the response, we are moving away from the Saturday rally. By Trump’s allies who failed to confirm those claims.

Republican Rep. Mo Brooks, who joined a rally near the White House on January 6, when Mr. Trump urged the crowd to go to the Houses of Parliament, declined to comment, his spokesman said in an email. .. Brooks is currently running for the Senate.

Another Republican, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, voted to challenge the electoral college count, but was unable to respond to the interview, his office said.

Also, it was Republican Senator Josh Hawley who declined the interview. He was seen in a photo of him raising his fist in honor of a mob when he entered the Capitol that day.

Still, even in their absence, some Republicans telegram their views. When asked if he would attend, Holy’s office made comments on behalf of the Senator.

“Joe Biden should resign,” Holy said in a statement.

More than 600 people have faced federal crime in riots, injuring dozens of officers and hiding lawmakers.Eventually 5 people died Trump supporter Ashli ​​Babbitt, She was shot and killed by police as she tried to break into the lobby outside her room. Several police officers later claimed their lives.

Hundreds of people have been charged with misdemeanors for illegally invading the Capitol, while hundreds of others face more serious felony charges, including assault, obstruction of official proceedings or conspiracy. ..

The most serious case was filed against members of two far-right extremist groups (Proud Boys and Oath Keepers) while authorities were investigating how planned the attack was. The January 6 defendant was initially considered by authorities but has not been charged with sedition.

More than 60 people have pleaded guilty to misdemeanors of demonstrations, primarily in the Houses of Parliament.

Only a small portion of the defendants remain trapped while they wait for trial. The lawyer is dissatisfied with the overly harsh situation, saying he was detained in a place called the “patriot unit” for the January 6 defendant in DC Prison.

Defenders of alleged parliamentary attackers claim to face more severe prosecutions because of their political views than others, including the Black Lives Matter protesters. but, Proceedings review The AP refutes that claim.

Congressman Adam Schiff, chairman of the House intelligence committee and a member of the selection committee investigating the January 6 attack, said anyone who violated the law would need to be prosecuted. Rationalization, excuses, encouragement More the same. “

Schiff laments the country’s opportunity to move forward from the January 6 attack, but instead chose another path.

“I really had the opportunity to deny everything until January 6th, and instead, Republican leadership continued to accept it,” he said. “It’s disappointing. This means that recovery will take longer than necessary.”

The lush grounds of the Capitol are a favorite place for people to take pictures in front of the iconic dome, like a park, and usually have few parliamentarians or staff on Saturdays. The Senate will return to the session on Monday, but the House of Representatives will not resume until the end of Monday after the rally.

When the fence first rose around the Capitol after the January attack, there was intense criticism from those worried about the message sent due to the closure of the symbol of democracy. Now it is seen as an increasingly necessary precautionary measure.


Associated Press writer Alanna Durkin of Boston and Michael Balsamo, Eric Tucker and Mary Clare Jalonick of Washington contributed to this report.

Capitol rally seeks to rewrite Jan. 6 by exalting rioters | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Capitol rally seeks to rewrite Jan. 6 by exalting rioters | St. Louis News Headlines

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