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Riverside, California 2021-06-23 00:22:50 –

A new committee will come after the Republicans have blocked the creation of a bipartisan independent committee to investigate attacks on the US Capitol.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has shown that she is ready to set up a new committee to investigate the January 6 riots in the Houses of Parliament, preventing the Senate Republicans from creating an independent investigation. After that, we are approaching a partisan investigation of the attack.

A person familiar with the matter said that after meeting with the Democratic Party, Pelosi said he would create a selection panel for his colleagues. The person discussed his personal remarks on condition of anonymity. However, Pelosi later denied it and told reporters, “No, I didn’t make that announcement.”

The new committee will come after the Senate voted earlier this month to block legislation to form a bipartisan independent committee investigating attacks by former President Donald Trump’s supporters. Pelosi then said he would step up the investigation into the riots. In the riots, violent mobs attacked police, broke into buildings, and sought lawmakers to stop proof of Joe Biden’s election victory.

The new special committee will leave the investigation to a majority of Democrats. More than 30 Republicans in the House of Representatives and seven Senate Republicans said they wanted to avoid partisan investigations and upheld a bill to form a committee modeled after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Still, these numbers are enough to overcome GOP opposition in the Senate, which requires the support of 10 Republicans to pass most bills if all Democrats vote in favor. It wasn’t as powerful as it was. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said he could vote a second time after failing to advance the bill last month, but Democrats could get the necessary support from three additional Republicans. There is no sign that it can be done.

Earlier this month, Pelosi said House “can’t wait anymore” and will proceed with the investigation. She then said she was considering a special committee or having an existing committee conduct the investigation.

Many Republicans ignored many unanswered questions about the riots, such as how governments and law enforcement agencies missed information leading up to the riots, their roles before and during the riots, and January. A riot that revealed that he wanted to move on from the attack on the 6th.

Some Republicans downplay violence. Some suggest that the rioters look like tourists, and that day Ashli ​​Babbitt, a woman shot dead trying to break into a room in the house through a window, was “executed.”

Last week, 21 Republicans voted against awarding the Medal of Honor to the Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police Department, thanking them for their service that day. Dozens of those officers suffered injuries such as chemical burns, brain injuries and fractures.

Seven people died during and after the riot. Among them are Babbit, three other Trump supporters who died in a medical emergency, and two police officers who committed suicide in the next few days. Third officer Brian Sicknick collapsed after engaging the protesters and later died, but inspectors determined he died of natural cause.

Capitol riot: House may form select committee on Jan. 6 attack Source link Capitol riot: House may form select committee on Jan. 6 attack

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