Capsule Launch + Rayshard Brooks Death Lawsuit + School Bus Crash – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2021-09-19 00:57:30 –

Happy Wednesday, Atlanta! Let’s start this day right. This is what is happening in town today.

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First, today’s weather:

Light rain all day long. High: 74 Low: 68.

Here are some of Atlanta’s top stories today:

  1. Digital pharmacy capsule Announced the release at Atlanta area new Midtown Storefront.Is in 867 Peach Tree Street NE Suite 102, Of capsules The goal is to provide “more accessible and convenient” medical care for millions of people. Atlanta Local resident. Atlantans You can sign up for a free service from the app or website and ask your doctor to send you a prescription directly capsule.. (((What Atlanta Now).
  2. Rayshard Brooks Real estate is proceeding in proceedings Atlanta city When Atlanta Police Station Officer for his death. In the proceedings Brooks wife, Tomeka mirrorThe shooting was “meaningless and unjust”, and police officers said they did not provide the necessary medical treatment. Brooks Is required. Officer Garrett Rolf When Devin Brosnan Named in Mirrors Proceedings. (((Atlanta voice).
  3. There were no students when the car crashed into the school bus on Tuesday morning. Rockwell Street of Southwest Atlanta.. ((( WXIA).
  4. Atlanta police Looking for two suspects who used a hammer in Atlanta Theft of a coin machine. (((FOX5 Atlanta).
  5. Rapid increase Atlanta area Parents have decided to homeschool their children during a pandemic. (((CBS46 News Atlanta).

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Atlanta Today:

  • Wacoal Fit for Treatment-Henry Town Center (9:00 am).
  • Preschool Story Time-DeKalb County Public Library (10:30 am).
  • The Beginning of Spanish for the Elderly-DeKalbCounty Public Library (11:00 AM).
  • Silverthruth Book Club-DeKalb County Public Library (12: 00 PM).
  • LGBTQ Institute Symposium: Research and Campaigns Focusing on LGBTQ People, Health and Welfare-National Citizens and Human Rights Center2 pm).
  • PACT Book Club: Black Betty-DeKalb County Public Library (3:00 pm).
  • Brick by Brick LEGO STEM Challenge-DeKalb County Public Library (3:30 pm).


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Capsule Launch + Rayshard Brooks Death Lawsuit + School Bus Crash Source link Capsule Launch + Rayshard Brooks Death Lawsuit + School Bus Crash

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