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Honolulu (KHON2) —There are 876 COVID-19 deaths in Hawaii, and confusion about how to count those deaths is misleading.

If the patient dies in the hospital, the cause of death is determined by the doctor who declared the death. If not, the pathologist at the coroner’s office will make the decision.

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Each case is different and many patients have an underlying health condition, but it is up to these medical professionals to make subtle decisions about what is on the death certificate.

According to the Ministry of Health, 751 people were at stake in Hawaii’s COVID deaths, and 38 were not. The rest is unknown.

“COVID must be a contributor,” said Hilton Racel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Hawaii Healthcare Association. “The question is how much it contributes, and we don’t make any judgments about it. This is a much more scientific level of analysis that needs to be performed.”

Death certificate There are four main causes that a doctor can list and other causative conditions. COVID can cause a variety of fatal illnesses in the body.

“People can actually die from a variety of events that can cause a heart attack, pneumonia, or respiratory failure,” said Racel.

If you are infected with the virus at the time of death, it may not be considered a COVID death.

“If someone has a car accident or drowns, it probably has nothing to do with it, or it rarely actually dies or has anything to do with the cause of death, so COVID is included in most of those cases. “Hmm,” said Charlotte Carter, chief investigator of the Honolulu Medical Examiner.

Nevertheless, the traumatic accident can be due to COVID. A Honolulu medical inspector handled a case in which a COVID patient collapsed and died.

“They probably died of COVID symptoms, and when they passed, something fell and hit the floor, and they hit hard enough to end up with a fatal cerebral hemorrhage,” Carter said. Told. Although listed as an accident, COVID was part of it because it was a situation that could have led to the collapse. “

The hospital has a 20% add-on from the federal government to cover the cost of COVID patients in Medicare, but Raethel says there is no financial incentive to inflate COVID deaths.

“I’m very lucky to have very ethical people,” Raethel said. “There is no truth to the rumors that doctors and hospitals are somehow motivating to inflate their COVID numbers.”

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Carter agrees.

“One of those theories out there is that people make money by putting COVIDs on death certificates. Our doctors are paid by the city and county. Their salary is It doesn’t depend on what they put as a cause of death. “

Car accidents, drownings? How COVID deaths are counted in Hawaii Source link Car accidents, drownings? How COVID deaths are counted in Hawaii

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