Car books for kids who love cars

Dutton’s book for young readers

It’s hard to beat a good bedtime story. Not only can they help wired young people fall asleep, but they can also create comfort bonds and happy memories by reading books to their children. Who doesn’t want it?

Another great thing about children’s books is that they can be carried anywhere. Car ride, Doctor appointments, or weekends at grandma’s house. They are also great road trip assets, some featuring cars and trucks to look for on the highway.

So here are some of my favorite and beloved car books for kids. Hansel and Gretel..

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8 Children’s Car Movies

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T for turbo: ABC book

This ABC book is perfect for small mechanics. Each letter indicates a particular car part and its use. If you want to introduce your child to the world of renting, this is a book to get.

Good night, little blue track

This No.1 New York Times The bestseller is the perfect bedtime story. Little Blue Track and his friends head home as the storm blows along the way. Even with big thunder and bright lightning, it’s easy to be brave together.

Fast forward

This amazing book contains a bit of information about the world’s most famous racetracks, cars and drivers. Soon your child will leave the history of Au Rouge. And with nearly 80 pages, there’s no shortage of interesting information.

Hongk on the Road!

This rugged board book has 10 audio buttons for large, colorful pages. This is a great road trip book that encourages kids to find their favorite electric machine.

Hot Wheels: Race to win

This Level 1 Hot Wheels paperback is perfect for up-and-coming readers. The 32-page adventure follows four different racers and different strategies for them to win. With nice illustrations Race to win A solid entry level choice for fans of small cars.

Cars, trucks and moving things

This classic of children’s literature is still as fascinating as it was nearly 50 years ago. The page contains a wide variety of cars, trucks, planes, trains and more, including the two-page pickle truck.

If I make a car

Guide your child’s inner inventor in this imaginative story. Follow his tour featuring the boy who built his car and showing off the in-car pool, snack bar and robot driver.

Noisy truck

This board book is perfect for kids with elements that they can see, touch and hear. It features snippets of all kinds of trucks, including monster trucks and semi-trailers, and the buttons feature a realistic sound. Don’t forget to bend the arm horn.

Cars Little Golden Book

Lightning McQueen is one of the most beloved children’s characters to date. When he gets lost on his way to the Piston Cup, following him in this book can help him learn a lot to become a true friend. This is a great page-by-page retailing of Pixar movies.

let’s go!

This book is the perfect companion to your road trip. Elephant Tuski is on an adventure, but friends, things … pancakes? Use lots of things to find out how a red taxi breaks it up.

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Car books for kids who love cars

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