Car crashes into home, latest incident for street notorious for speeding – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2020-12-04 21:54:21 –

Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – A car broke into the house on Friday morning and a fire broke out. It’s the latest issue of otherwise quiet neighborhood streets, famous for speeders passing through it.

The speed limit on this road is 30, but residents told News 13 that it is common for drivers to approach 60. “I thought the plane would hit the roof, but I did. It was very noisy,” says Chrissy Komis. But the explosion that Komis heard early Friday morning was that a car crashed into her house. [sic] There were two explosions, one car and a car shock. After that, he actually hit the gasline meter and exploded, “says Komis.

Comis has lived in her homes in Washington and Altura for five years, and Washington speeders have always been a problem, she says. “Some people follow the speed limit, others think it’s a highway,” says Comis.

Others say it’s the worst during the morning and evening rush hours. “If you’re late for work or on your way home after work, you may get tunnel vision if you try to get there right away,” says Joseph Schortz.

Even with flashing radar on both sides of the 30-mile road, residents are worried that some drivers have learned to completely ignore the signs. “Like 55 or 60 or so. It’s downhill and uphill, so I think it’s easy to coast,” says Schortz.

Albuquerque police say the driver dropped a cigarette when he lost control of the car and reached out to grab it. Mr. Comis says drivers need to pay attention to and be more considerate of the people who live around the busy streets. “They need to slow down. They need to be careful. It could have been someone on that side of the house. If it was a bedroom, [the person] You may have been killed, “says Komis.

APD conducted a drunk driving investigation and the driver was calm, but he is quoted for inadvertent driving, stop sign execution, and speed violations. Diane Gibson, a city council member representing the region, told News 13 that he was working with the city’s traffic technicians to think about what the region could do to slow down drivers. ..

Car crashes into home, latest incident for street notorious for speeding Source link Car crashes into home, latest incident for street notorious for speeding

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