Car stuck in repair shop for weeks due to shortage of supply chain parts

Global supply chain issues are affecting US car garages.

The challenge of finding common spare parts like oil filters and carpets is Repair shop Store inventory, find workarounds, and plead with your customers for patience until the shipment arrives. In some cases, the usual delay of a day or two can be several weeks, says the store owner.

It’s a self-feeding loop. Due to the global shortage of semiconductors New carLeads to a surge in demand and prices Secondhand car And force people to keep their old ones longer.In turn, these vehicles are needed repair, Is being dragged more and more by the growl of the supply chain.

In the suburbs of Seattle, garage owner Brian Kelly waited for parts for 60-90 days in two batches while repairing the pickups. truck.. One of the components, the crankshaft position sensor, took 30 minutes to arrive from the distribution center, said Kelly, owner of the Valley Automotive Repair and Electric.The customer was ready to give up because the wait was too long Dodge Ram 1500, He said.

“He went as far as he said,’I Towing We’ll do that and buy another truck, “said Kelley, chairman of the Automotive Service Association Northwest trade association. “It got worse when he just got off and realized he couldn’t buy it.”

NS $ 300 billion The auto parts and repair industry faces a wide range of operational challenges, from soaring prices for steel and other materials to labor shortages, and like everyone else, in US ports. The delay in unloading the goods, said Paul McCarthy, CEO of the automotive aftermarket supplier. Association.

Whether it’s a franchise or not, the garage is generous dealer According to McCarthy, parts are obtained from major automakers, independent warehouses, or small corner garages.

“This is the most difficult supply chain environment I have ever seen,” says AutoZone Inc. William Rhodes said in a September earnings call. AutoZone is running “the lowest level of inventory I’ve ever remembered,” said Rhodes, who started. His career In Memphis, Tennessee, he was a leading retailer of auto parts in the 1990s and has been CEO since 2005.

For now, frontline mechanics are breaking the bad news and have to be calm and creative for car owners. Very many of these clients are useful when they have experienced a pandemic era shortage of all kinds of products in the last year and a half.

In the suburbs of Philadelphia, Lisa Matrock Nissan Sentra Floods struck the northeastern part of Hurricane Aida in early September, leaving the interior moist and dirty. “I can’t start telling you what the smell was,” Matlock said.

Unable to find a replacement carpet, a Corket Technical Services mechanic in Lansdale, PA took the next best thing by removing the existing carpet, having a specialist clean it, and then replacing it. I did.

Matlock understood when the store owner, Roth Corquette, explained that the carpet couldn’t be found anywhere. As a convenience store worker, she recently can’t even find a plastic container for grab-and-go sandwiches in her store.

“I wasn’t surprised or panicked that Ross was having a hard time finding the carpet,” Matlock said.

Hoarding has become a common practice for particularly popular items.

Danito Macian, River Road Auto Services Manager, Bethesda, Maryland, said:

Car stuck in repair shop for weeks due to shortage of supply chain parts

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