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Cardinals to use GCS Ballpark for Alternate Site in 2021 | News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-03-09 12:27:00 –

Lucie, Port St. Florida ( — After using the Double A facility in Springfield, Missouri for an alternative training site during the 2020 MLB season, Cardinals chose a location a bit closer to the site this year.

Cardinals announced on Tuesday that the team will use the GCS Credit Union Ballpark in Sauget, Illinois as an alternative site from April. Gateway Grizzlies was home to Busch Stadium and was a good place due to the fact that the Frontier League season does not begin in Grizzlies until the end of May. The match was perfect for St. Louis, given the expectation that the alternative site will only be used this season until the minor league schedule begins (currently scheduled for early May).

“Given this year’s uncertainty, it seems like it’s going to work in a true minor league way by early May, but if we can get something closer, it’s natural to think in terms of our convenience. It seemed like that. Players, it makes more sense. ” “Hopefully, if you need to interact with this group, you have more access.”

Moseriak pointed out at a Zoom press conference last week that the team could look for an independent league stadium partner on this year’s site for several reasons. One difficulty in using Springfield again was the fact that the Cardinals shared the facility with the Missouri State University baseball team, complicating the issue this season.

The main advantages of GCS Ballpark for Cardinals, however, can be summarized by the old real estate maxim: place, place, place.

“I’m glad to know that you’re only 10 minutes away,” Moseriak said. “It’s great when you think about functionality.”

Last year, young prospects were included on the alternative site, but this year’s group is more likely to represent a depth option if they arrive in St. Louis sooner due to injury or other reasons. Moseliak said he expects the list of alternative sites to look a lot like the list of Triple A Memphis Redbirds in the end.

The Jupiter facility remains open and the Cardinals are a luxury that was not subject to COVID restrictions last year. Players participating in the alternative site will be able to stay in Jupiter until the Altcamp opens around April 6th. Non-participating player substitution sites allow you to stay on Jupiter at that point and continue preparing for the final start to different levels of the minor league season.

Moseriak said Tuesday that the team has not ruled out the possibility of staging a match against players on alternative sites, but its logistics have not yet been seen.

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Cardinals to use GCS Ballpark for Alternate Site in 2021 | News Headlines Source link Cardinals to use GCS Ballpark for Alternate Site in 2021 | News Headlines

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