Carine Jean-Pierre makes history, but inherits the world of problems | Biden administration

MeIt was terribly bitter that the first black man to brief as a White House spokesman should start by appointing victims of white supremacist violence. Carine Jean PierreStanding on the famous blue podium, in a brief and exciting biography of 10 victims of Saturday’s mass shootings in New York, “Remember the lost and everlasting life in Buffalo.” I took some time.

Obviously, Joe Biden’s first spokesman, Jen Psaki, could ride the optimistic wave at the start of the new administration and benefit from Donald Trump’s nasty messenger. However, Jean-Pierre has inherited the world in question.

Her 64-minute debut on Monday ranged from Buffalo to infant formula, from Somalia to Ukraine, but first she used her opening remarks to look back at the new chapter in White House history she wrote. I did.

“I’m black, gay, and an immigrant woman.” Jean-Pierre saidBorn in Martinique to Haiti’s parents and raised in New York. “The first of all three to hold this position. I wouldn’t be here today if there weren’t people before me breaking the barriers for generations. I’m standing on their shoulders. . “

In gratitude for the sacrifices of those who came before her, the 47-year-old added: You hear us say this often in this administration, and no one understands this better than President Biden. “

Biden was reminded of the briefing many times and was motivated to run for president by a white supremacist who clashed with civil rights activists in Charlottesville, Virginia nearly five years ago.

And that certainly meant something, but Trump had very good people on both sides of the media and was defended by White Press secretary Sarah Sanders, but here Black Press secretary hates. Claimed that there was no safe port.

The kindly constructed Jean-Pierre succeeded in adhering to the first rules of the media briefing, which was harmless, but in some respects seemed a bit too cautious.She is the host of Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Republican A person who incites the flames of extremism and “great alternative” theory. Many times she refused.

“It doesn’t matter who it is,” she insisted. “If a person supports hatred, we need to evoke it. We’re not going back and forth about the name or who said what.”

One reporter asked if Biden saw a connection to Trump’s “super-magician” movement. Again she dodged.

When a spokesman said, “I’m not going into politics here,” another journalist loudly objected that this seemed to remove the criminal from the hook. Jean-Pierre protested that Biden was always blaming hatred. “Once you start calling people’s names, you’re away from the problem.”

Critics will say Biden administration I’m pulling that punch. How can the white supremacist tragedy, which the president describes as a stain on the American soul, be dealt with if he does not identify the court? Does Biden once again live in a sepia bipartisan era?

Jean-Pierre’s silence was thrown down Pennsylvania Avenue into a sharp relief.There, Chuck Schumer, the Democratic majority leader in the Senate, I gave you a name.. “In an enthusiastic quest for audience and reputation, organizations such as Fox News have spent years perfecting techniques to arouse cultural dissatisfaction and political resentment that eerily reflect the message found in alternative theories. I’ve been.

“According to one New York Times indicator, Fox’s top political critic-the most widely watched-Tucker Carlson has spit out rhetoric that reflects the theory of substitution at least 400 times in his show since 2016.”

The contrast was an example: The White House Press Secretary’s job is often to ducking disputes and not to make headlines. Saki was good at promising “circleback” and “not ahead of the president.”Now like a TV time traveler Doctor WhoThe spokesman has played in different and diverse ways, but has essentially the same personality.

Avid Pusaki fans may be dissatisfied with Jean-Pierre, who came in with a smile and a briefing book in his arms 38 minutes late, but hasn’t voluntarily got the hang of the riff yet. for example, Psaki’s quarrel with Peter Doucy Fox News sometimes became viral when she delivered the cuff “#Psakibomb”.

She didn’t seem to be very agile when Doothy challenged Jean-Pierre on Monday. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos criticized Biden in a tweet written by the president, suggesting that taxing wealthier businesses could help curb inflation.

Jean-Pierre reads from her memo: That’s right for a long time … “It went on in a wacky way.

However, Monday is remembered as the day Jean-Pierre smashed multiple glass ceilings. She was asked to look back on her role in making her own history, and she said she hadn’t read much of what was written about her. “But there was something that impressed me,” she said. Media story About her elementary school in Hempstead, NY.

“They told the students about this moment and this administration with me … and these kids wrote to me, and in the letter they said I was standing behind this podium. So I talked about how I can dream bigger. And that’s important. “

Carine Jean-Pierre makes history, but inherits the world of problems | Biden administration

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