Caroline D’amore shares the secrets of the “The Hills: New Beginnings” cast

City of Angels … Exposed! Caroline d’amore Confessed some major behind-the-scenes details about her The Hills: A New Beginning Co-star, including reason Brody Jenner In high school it was called “Lucy”.

Pizza Girl CEO, who appeared on a reality show in Season 2, I gave a plate to her castmate During an exclusive episode of Weekly“Costar Secrets” — Starts with her childhood friend Brody, 37.

“We have a lot of history. I always remember the fact that he had such a terrible nickname for me in high school. It was Lucy, but I said,” Why the whole school is me. Do you call him Lucy? ” “It’s very strange,” she recalled. “Then I went to a history class and suddenly I was taught about the smallest baseball head skeleton ever discovered. [named Lucy]”

Brody Jenner and Caroline Damore. Shutterstock; Courtesy of Caroline D’amore / Instagram

Is 36 year old reality star She pointed out that she was “really thin and thin” in high school. Prince of Malibu Alum choosing the moniker.

“I automatically think of something like Brother, a nugie with Brody,” she explained, adding that he really is a “surfer man.”

When talking about Justin Bobby Brescia, DJ admitted “Everyone experienced the’Justin Bobby’hot’moment in life,” she is no exception.

“He’s so cool and really talented,” Damore said. We“I think he’s a good guy. Perhaps the show gave the world the impression that he wasn’t that sweet, but he really seems to be one of the most sincere.

hill Revival does not become a star Kristin CavallariSince then, appeared in the original series Lauren Conrad It disappeared in Season 5 of 2009, Rare founder of James, 34, Cameo appearance in Season 2, Premiered in May.

“She’s excited,” said the producer of “Musicman.” Is Laguna beach Alum, She revealed that she is often obsessed with Cavallari’s Instagram videos, regardless of content. “Have you ever seen her Instagram while she was trying to open a bottle of wine? I said,” Why am I still looking at this? “For some reason it’s funny. She is a little noisy trying to open her wine. “

When it comes to Cavallari’s off-camera personality, she was born in California and pointed out that you’re the one who won’t spoil you.

“You want to be on her good side. You don’t want to be on her bad side,” Damore said. We“She’s a little spicy, but still really fun and cute. Certainly very smart.”

For more Revelation of the cast of DamoreWatch the exclusive footage, including which co-stars are as sweet as an “apple pie” and who makes her a little “tensioned” while filming. Weekly The video above.

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Caroline D’amore shares the secrets of the “The Hills: New Beginnings” cast

Source link Caroline D’amore shares the secrets of the “The Hills: New Beginnings” cast

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