Carpenters union strike on pause after “illegal picketing activity” – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington 2021-09-24 13:45:00 –

The Northwest Carpenters Union has led the strike for about a week before announcing the suspension of organized strikes on suspicion of illegal picketing activity due to unauthorized strikes.

“Roaming protests, led by a small group of unlicensed protesters, including members and non-members, led to a temporary closure of all Northwest Carpenters coalition picket activities, beginning tomorrow Friday, September 24. I’m sorry to report that, “NWCU Secretary-General Evelyn Shapiro said in writing.

Activities reported to the NWCU include near physical quarrels, threats of violence, illegal picketing activities, and harassment of union members walking on licensed picket lines.

According to Shapiro, the union is also under threat of legal action from multiple employers regarding NWCU’s liability for wildcat strikes and illegal picket behavior.

“Our priority is to protect the physical safety of picketing members reporting real and increasing threats of personal violence and property destruction from those participating in unauthorized protests. That’s it, “writes Shapiro. “Hundreds of our members participated in highly successful, licensed and legitimate pickets this week and last week, marching as one on an ever-growing number of picket sites. I’m disappointed that it’s hindering members’ right to strike. “

The union has since claimed to have been contacted by lawyers from several employers who say they plan to take action against NWCU. Shapiro expressed concern that these actions could deplete the union’s resources.

The union resolved to strike after rejecting the wage and benefits agreement offered by the relevant general contractor in Washington.

“We are still on strike, and members who need to withhold work will continue to withhold work until they agree to consider it. We will announce the latest information on picketing activities next week on Monday, September 27. “Masu,” writes Shapiro. “In addition, we will hold a solidarity rally with other unions in solidarity with the union carpenters early next week.”

Carpenters union strike on pause after “illegal picketing activity” Source link Carpenters union strike on pause after “illegal picketing activity”

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