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Carry the Load March set to honor officer Garrett Swasey – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-05-26 13:20:39 –

Shield616 and Carry the Load will work together to remind you of a true local hero at the Memorial Park, passing through the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs on Thursday, May March. Carry the Road March is a way to connect us with the sacrifices made by the military, veterans, paramedics, and their families.

Tomorrow’s Carry the Road march will begin on the UCSS campus, which will pay tribute to UCSS officer Garrett Swazi, who was killed on duty in the 2015 Planned Parenthood shootings. ..

On this day, Garrett will be honored and will also protect the campus police on duty. This rally will help 22 campus police officers to provide Angel Armor’s all-day rifle protection and protection known as the finest helmets. Someone who knows Garrett says he wasn’t just a hero, he had a loving and humorous side, and he always put others first. And that’s exactly what he did on the day of Planned Parenthood’s shoot.

“Garret heard the phone on the radio. By policy, Garrett could choose to stay on campus. Garrett was here and could take care of the campus without leaving. Let’s say, Peter Pino, Chief of Police at Colorado Springs University, said:

“The last thing police officers want to think about is whether their equipment meets the standards, they want to get closer to the criminal as soon as possible and focus on stopping the criminal, so the equipment we plan to receive. Is something we always wear and will actually be able to reach the scene much sooner, “says Pino.

The suits these police officers receive are my treasure to the police officers and their families. The rally is set to start at 2:00 pm on the UCCS campus.

Tomorrow’s Carry Road event is open to the public, and police are encouraging those who want to assist Garrett and the UCCS Campus Police to attend.

Carry the Load March set to honor officer Garrett Swasey Source link Carry the Load March set to honor officer Garrett Swasey

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