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Those blue pumpkin candy buckets help autistic children do better trick or treats and help people understand them better.

Huntsville, Alabama — The main purpose of all candy buckets is to carry as many candies as possible, especially during this time, but the main purpose of these blue buckets is that the child has autism and autism. It’s about letting people know that it may not be. You can ask the infamous question “Trick or Treat”.

“My son was pretty non-verbal when he was young, but most of the time, he would never have been able to go up to someone’s door and say a trick or treat. That never happened,” said the president. Told. Autism Resource Foundation, Betsy Berman. “So if he had a blueback, I think it helped, you know, pumpkins at the time, he could show that I’m here because they didn’t have them I can, but I can, don’t say anything. “

This same blue pumpkin, however, caused a conversation.

Will those children be chosen if they carry a candy basket of a different color?

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“When I met people with autism, I’ve met people with autism because they’re all so unique and different. Therefore, children to children, adults, whether they want to or not. From to adults do a lot of things that can definitely change. “

So, we carry blue pumpkins that are useful or harmful to people with autism.

Well, again, it really depends on person to person.

For some kids …

“I don’t care what color pumpkins they are, if you hand them something you’re going to tell them, you know,” Great, thank you! “And walk, so Handing over the blue pumpkins won’t mislead them, “Berman said.

“Then there are kids who know that pumpkins should be orange and that they need orange pumpkins instead of blue pumpkins to walk around, so they’re trying to avoid it. I know, “Berman said. ..

Carrying a bucket of blue pumpkins or candy all comes down to a personal choice, but beware of those blue pumpkins this year. Even if you can’t hear it, know that blue pumpkin means trick or treat.

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In addition to those blue pumpkins, you may see teal pumpkins, and children with teal pumpkins may have food allergies. This initiative is part of the Teal Pumpkin Project.

Some people have misplaced teal pumpkins on their pouches and symbolize giving out small toys instead of candies to further include children with food allergies.

“Hopefully, if you go to the house where the teal pumpkin sits outside, you can get some small trinkets, not necessarily candies, so you can do trick or treat, but don’t worry. Food allergies. “

Click for more information on the Teal Pumpkin Project here..

Carrying a blue pumpkin is all about personal choice Source link Carrying a blue pumpkin is all about personal choice

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