Cars Destroyed for Speed-Hollywood Life

Approximately two months after Tiger Woods’ horrific car accident, the cause of the crash was revealed. A list of injuries, including a “tear” in his jaw, has also come up earlier.

update [4/7/21, 7:30 p.m. ET]: List of injured Tiger Woods His lasting car accident has been released since February 23rd. The famous golfer was “unknowingly knocked”, suffering a laceration in the anterior mandible, injuring the left and right thorax, and “possibly” fractured the right tibia and fibula (in the lower half of the leg). According to a copy of the traffic accident report, “Injury to the right ankle” Hollywood Life Obtained on April 7th.

The photo above is the third page of the Tiger Woods crash report. [Courtesy of the Department of California Highway Patrol]

Original: The sports world is on February 23, Tiger Woods’ That’s horrible Car accident Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The 45-year-old Tiger suffered multiple injuries in a vehicle collision and needed emergency surgery on his right leg. As the golf icon continues to recover, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office announced on Wednesday (April 7) that an investigation revealed that overspeeding was the main cause of the accident.

“The main causes of this road accident were driving at dangerous speeds for road conditions and the inability to negotiate road curves,” said the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office. Alex Villanueva,Said. “The estimated speed in the first collision area was 84-87 mph and the final estimated speed when the vehicle collided with a tree was 75 mph. No citation has been published and there are no signs of impairment.”

Sheriffs also claimed that Tiger had not received “special treatment” in the crash investigation. “That’s absolutely wrong,” Sheriff Villanueva reiterated. “There were no signs of impairment. Our main concern was apparently his safety at the scene of the collision. And this is when you switch gears, that person survives and they need It’s a place where you have to make sure you get medical care, and a fire department emergency worker and why he was taken to a trauma center because he apparently had a leg and a complex fracture of it. It was a life-threatening injury. “

Tiger was driving the Genesis GV80 SUV to the LA golf course at the border between Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palo Verdes, raising the median around 7am local time. When the SUV rolled a dangerous embankment, it crossed two oncoming lanes and uprooted a tree. Early reports indicate that the “Jaws of Life” was used to extract tigers from destroyed cars. Sheriff Villanueva later told reporters that this was not the case, and the rescuers deployed only axes to rescue the forest. Tiger suffered from “bruises on both lower limbs, including complex fractures and ankle fractures,” and Tiger was taken to the Harbor UCLA Medical Center for surgery.

While Tiger was sleeping in the hospital, his girlfriend Erica HermanPaid him visit.. The two have been dating since 2017 and she can be seen cheering for him from bystanders in many major golf tournaments. Tiger children, Sam, 13, and CharlieWas 13, I saw it with their mom, Elin Nordegren, In Florida. When Tiger recovered, “I was fine because they were Erin.” Source Said Hollywood Life Exclusively. “He finds it too dramatic for them to see their dad hurt.”

The Tiger Woods SUV lay down after a rollover accident involving a golfer in Rancho Palos Verdes, a suburb of Los Angeles. (Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP / Shutterstock)

Tiger’s team issued a statement the day after the crash, stating that “his right lower limb (leg) had a serious orthopedic injury and was treated by …”. [an] Orthopedic trauma specialist. Tiger also had fractures along the upper and lower parts of the tibia and fibula, and the injuries were stable with rods, screws and pins. At that time, Tiger said,Awake, reacting and recovering.. “

Five days after the accident, Tiger was the first statement Since the accident. After seeing the WGC-Workday Championship, where various golfers wore red polo shirts for support, Tiger shared how gestures moved him. “Today, it’s hard to explain the excitement of turning on the TV and seeing all the red shirts. For all golfers and all fans, you really helped me get through this difficult time. Will give you. “

Tiger Woods (Larry Marano / Shutterstock) in a trademark red polo shirt

Witnesses who lived near the crash site and went to help told the authorities Tiger saidUnconsciousWhen he got into the car, but the deputy sheriff said Tiger “looked shocked later, but was conscious and able to answer the basic questions.” Sheriff Villanueva initially called the crash a “pure accident” and said there were no signs of impairment. ESPN.. The statement is cited as the reason why investigators did not seek a warrant for Tiger blood samples that they would have tested for drugs and alcohol.Tiger Indicted for drunk driving In 2017, he will ask later “Expert help to manage [the] medicineIt spoiled his driving.

Investigators have obtained an investigation warrant for an SUV data recorder (also known as a car black box). According to ESPN, “We contacted Tiger Woods and his staff,” said Villanueva. “We ask if you want to give up your privacy because there is a privacy issue with the disclosure of information about the investigation, and you will be able to fully disclose all the information about the accident.”

Cars Destroyed for Speed-Hollywood Life

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