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You may have seen a CarShield commercial featuring supporters of celebrities such as Lakewood, Colorado—Ice-T, warning that a car broke down and would cost thousands of dollars to repair.

“That’s why CarShield protects babies,” IceT said in an ad. “Remember that CarShield cars are going even further.”

Contact Denver7 began an investigation of the car warranty company when the customer and Aurora Auto Repair Shop began contacting us and the BBB to complain about delays, denials and partial payments.

Initially, Aurora Grant, who lives in Aurora, made a big acquisition of CarShield. Grant paid for the “gold package”, the best package she could use, and said her premium was $ 139 per month.

“If I could find Ice-T, boy, I would find him now,” Grant said. “They make the commercial look great. If your car needs $ 5,000 worth of work, all you have to do is pay a $ 100 deduction.”

When the car broke down last December, she said, “all the lights on the dashboard were on.” These big commercial promises were shattered in fine print.

Grant was shocked when CarShield denied her claim. She was reading the contract and covered everything from engine parts to wipers, but not what she needed when the car broke down.

The wheel speed sensor was not included in the long list of covered parts, and there was also no cover for brakes or ABS parts.

“They told me they didn’t cover the electricity,” Grant said. “The whole car is electric. I got the best warranty, especially if I’m covering something with a turn signal or something small like a wiper. I thought.”

According to Grant, CarShield refused to pay for repairs and diagnostics.

“I think it was bullish,” Grant said. She pointed out that she was not alone.

The BBB website has more than 1,500 complaints about Carshield, and the company has an “F” rating.

“The reason they have an’F’grade is because they couldn’t deal with advertising issues and the underlying patterns,” said Better Business Bureau spokesman Chris Thetford.

Meanwhile, several other Coloradans have contacted Contact Denver 7 to tell the story of CarShield.

“We forced them,” said Rory Jackson, who said Carshield delayed payments for their truck repairs by several months. “And we were on the phone for hours. I would have been diligent or never seen money.”

Vanessa Sanchez said the mechanic had diagnosed her engine as flying, but Carshield wanted him to dismantle the engine first.

“At that point, the mechanic explained to me that if CarShield didn’t cover the repair, I would be responsible for paying the labor costs,” Sanchez still wants CarShield to pay for the repairs. Said. “I work at Denver Public School, so I have to pay for my three kids at home and their extra money … it was a pain.”

Customers don’t just say.

In Gary’s full-service car repair in Aurora, Lori Williams said last year that he addressed four Car Shield or American Auto Shield claims, all making either delays, partial payments, or denials. ..

“Our motto is:” It’s done fairly. It’s done honestly. It’s done right, “Williams said. “It gets angry at how we look [customers] It is being used. They don’t have such money. “

According to Williams, there are two types of car warranty companies. “Some companies are committed to respecting the warranty, repairing cars as needed, and taking care of their customers, and some companies are promised to keep as many cars as possible. Get as much premium as possible by not paying. “

Williams said in one case a Car Shield or American Auto Shield representative denied the claim, but when she called again, another representative approved it. She also said the company claims “outsourced parts” or covers only some parts.

“They aren’t telling you that they don’t cover programming, so they might put in some, but it won’t work unless you pay to program it,” Williams says. It was. “These people pay $ 100 to $ 300 a month for each guarantee, but they aren’t covered after that.”

CarShield is based in Missouri, while claims administrator American Auto Shield (AAS) is based in Lakewood. No one speaks on the camera, but the Better Business Bureau said the company’s certification has been reviewed due to its potential relationship with CarShield.

American AutoShield has sent a six-page statement to Contact Denver 7, stating that the company will pay 72,281 claims in 2020, “totaling over $ 81 million.”

They downplayed the “F” rating, “The average BBB complaint totals about 60 per month. This complaint level is less than 0.41% of the claims filed through AAS.” It states.

“These key indicators support the reality that AAS provides valuable services to consumers,” the statement concludes.

The AAS statement is also trying to undermine Gary’s auto repair credibility, saying it is “higher than industry standards” working hours and “reluctant to accept procured parts.”

When asked about a claim rejected by one representative and approved by another, AAS issued the following statement: “Unfortunately, in large organizations with more than 300 staff over the phone, different communication styles and more serious misunderstandings can occur, but during a review of claims facilitated by Gary’s full-service car repair. No instance of this type was identified. “

Williams responded to that claim. I know it happened. It wasn’t a misunderstanding. “

In response to complaints about outsourced parts, AAS responded as follows:

“AAS has established a reputable vendor of high quality components at a reasonable price. These components have their own specific guarantees that can be extended beyond the customer’s VSC. [vehicle service contract].. AAS parts suppliers do not provide substandard or inappropriate parts for claim repair. “

Regarding Vanessa Sanchez’s claim, AAS acknowledged the delay and wrote: “Currently, Sanchez’s claim is pending and no coverage has been determined. Her VSC-based coverage determination requires identification of the cause of the engine failure. According to VSC conditions. The engine was requested … Sanchez showed that he would bring the vehicle to another repair facility that accepts procured parts, which significantly reduced his out-of-pocket costs. AAS, Sanchez, we Due to the delay caused by the above, we have decided how to further support this allegation, such as considering transportation-related costs. Often, we will incur rental car costs that exceed the VSC contract limit. “

Sanchez tells Denver 7 that he hasn’t been contacted by AAS and is using public transport.

As far as April Grant’s allegations are concerned, AAS writes that “if the complaint is not stated in the contract, it will not be covered.”

AAS writes: “Our review has led Grant’s allegations to be properly ruled and determined according to the scope of the contract she purchased.”

Grant eventually returned her car to her regular mechanic, which said she wouldn’t accept the Car Shield.

“They told me they wouldn’t take CarShield because they wouldn’t pay,” Grant said.

The mechanic did not return the call from Contact Denver 7.

After paying hundreds of dollars for diagnosis and repair, Grant said her car was running again. CarShield offered to lower insurance premiums, but she wasn’t impressed with the offer.

“It doesn’t help me pay for these repairs,” Grant said. “I think they are tearing us apart. I had to go get the car. What would you do?”

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