Casey and Brett’s Romance, Gabby, and other “Chicago Fire” bosses

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the episode Wednesday, January 6th. Chicago fire..

Let’s talk about a simple romance. Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) And Sylvie Brut (Kara Killmer) Finally gathered in the second episode Chicago fire Season 9 — and by the third. During the Wednesday episode, Brett told Casey that she needed some space after their sultry make-up session, and they decided they would try to regain their friendship. So is it really between them?

“We didn’t just want to kiss them, and everything works because we have a history of shows that chart quite religiously. We just under the rug. It’s not just about clearing the past and saying, “They didn’t matter,” Showrunner said. Derek Haas Said We weekly Exclusively. “These two need to have a discussion in episode 3, but it’s a continuous process. It’s done, not one episode. And we’re Chicago Fire, so things get more complicated. Will bring some new characters into their lives. “

Chicago Fire Jesse Spencer and Kara Killmer NBC

The writer remained tightly closed about who those characters were, but he teased that it could be a new romantic interest for Casey and Brett.

“Maybe. I don’t want to fulfill someone’s wishes, but maybe,” he said with a laugh. “That is, there are certainly singles in Chicago.”

While planning the Casey / Brett storyline, Haas is the ex-wife of Casey, Gabby (Monica Raymund), They would be upset if they didn’t get close to the fact that Gabby was also Brett’s best friend before leaving town.

“We always knew it would be difficult just because of the letter” G “hanging in their heads because of their past and Gabby. All of us as writers want to be honest. And I want the characters to say what I think the two characters with that history would say in this situation, “said the producer. “Remember that Gabby isn’t in the rearview mirror for three years. She came back last winter at the finale and Casey went to a charity ball with her. Still in everyone’s mind. It’s fresh. “

Chicago Fire boss teases the possibility of someone new between Casey and Brett Miranda Ray Mayo
Miranda Ray Mayo of Chicago Fire NBC

Haas also made fun of some confusion before Severide (Taylor Kinney) And Kid (Miranda Rei Mayo) With him, the lieutenant learned that she believed she would get a promotion for their relationship.

“Severide is very good at saving people. He is not very good at communicating and was willing to say exactly what is in his head. You are the woman of his life. When it can be frustrating, “he said. We.. “I think Severide’s intentions are solid. He wants the world to realize that Stella will realize this dream of becoming a lieutenant himself. So he takes a step back. I want to get out of her way and let the rest of the CFD know that this has nothing to do with him. This has to do with her abilities, but he’s also rumored She doesn’t want the suspicion to know in her own mind what the factory is saying. He’s trying to be Severide Delicate, but he’s not the most delicate person. “

Chicago fire Broadcast on NBC Wednesday at 9 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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Casey and Brett’s Romance, Gabby, and other “Chicago Fire” bosses

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