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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-10-25 19:23:47 –

Casey County, Kentucky (LEX 18) — A man in Casey County asks the US government to intervene and help his family after being stuck in Afghanistan for several months.

Abdul Samad made a fresh start in the United States when he was a teenager growing up in Afghanistan, losing his hands and left eye in a land mine explosion. He was taken to Jerry and Sandy Tucker, founders of the Galileo Children’s Home in Kentucky.

Samad built his life in Liberty, Kentucky, working and living with his wife and four children.

However, the Samad family hasn’t seen a Casey County home for nearly two months.

Mr Samad said a family of six and his mother-in-law were visiting sick relatives in Afghanistan when the United States withdrew its troops from Afghanistan on August 30.

“I’m really confused because I don’t know what to do because the airport is closed and the border with Pakistan is closed. I don’t know how to get out,” Samad said.

Hundreds of American citizens were stranded in Afghanistan following the evacuation of the United States in August and the subsequent rise of Taliban power.

Samad, his wife, and his children are all American citizens. His mother-in-law is a green cardholder.

Mr Samad said he was working with the US embassy to help him leave the country, but he didn’t get a reply for nearly two weeks.

The U.S. Department of State will send a return assistance request form to U.S. citizens in Afghanistan seeking US Government assistance, or send an email with their name, date of birth, nationality, U.S. passport number, and contact information to Afghanistan ACS@state.gov. Instructed to send to.

Mr. Samad said he submitted the form twice.

“We are in a very helpless situation because we can’t really say much, and we can’t do much unless we find a way to get out safely,” says Samad. I did.

Samad said his family was constantly moving. He is worried that the Taliban may target his loved ones because he is American.

“I’m moving from place to place to stay with my family, so people won’t notice we’re from the United States,” Samad said. “That’s why I’m ignoring conversations with people for some reason. It’s better to be safe than to regret.”

Samad said the safety and fate of his family is now at the mercy of others.

“I hope the US government can do anything to help them get rid of us,” he said.

Mr Samad also said he is asking the US government to find a way to help his mother-in-law’s teenage children who remain in Afghanistan.

“We just want the best,” Samad said.

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