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CASLV Tamarus campus named top elementary school in Nevada – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-12-03 18:25:09 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Prepare your students for success. Valley Elementary School is recognized as the best school in Nevada by the US News and World Report.

“If you want to go to college, step on!”

The value of the university taught at an early age. These students at the Coral Academy of Sciences Las Vegas Tamals are enthusiastic and active. Principal Andrea Katotakis says he is proud of the charter school.

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“We have a great school team. We have great parental support and all of them definitely contribute to our perception,” she said.

Recognition of existence Named Top elementary school in Nevada by US News and World Report. The Coral Academy has the highest scores in math and reading comprehension among the approximately 400 elementary schools in the state. Majority-While servicing minority student groups. Many of the children come from poorly serviced communities. Katotakis celebrates their success with the close relationship between students and teachers.

“They understand that with patience and effort, they can continue to excel. That’s a big part of our school,” she said.

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This means that students can make mistakes and learn from them. Katotakis says that giving children confidence helps them unleash their creativity and motivate them to learn.

“We have the idea that you can do that and only provide those challenges,” she said.

She also says the school offers accelerated classes for students who are ready to go beyond the standards and take the next step.

“It gives them access to things at their level, so they can really push themselves forward, achieve and keep moving forward,” Kato Takis said.

Advance towards a promising and bright future for these children.

Parents interested in enrolling their children have already applied for a lottery system to send their children to school.You can find the information here Create an account.

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