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Catalytic converter thefts continue in Pikes Peak Region – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — It’s a costly crime to even sum up your car because of how much it costs to get proper repairs. News5 delves into the theft of catalytic converters and why it’s a possible crime for us to drive.

In just a few minutes, a sawed scammer can crawl under your car and cut out the catalytic converter. This year it has already happened hundreds of times in the Pikes Peak region. The criminal then considers selling valuable parts and requires costly repairs.

Earlier this month, I introduced one of these crimes that was captured by the camera as a suspect who sawed a catalytic converter for a work truck parked at a Colorado Springs construction company.

“Each of these costs $ 2,000 to $ 5,000,” said Detective Dennis Mallett of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Detective Mallet has been investigating such crimes for the past decade and states that the theft of catalytic converters is only getting worse.

“The metal contained in it is rare and it is pushing up the price of the market, so thieves understand it and they know how to steal it quickly,” Mallet said.

Crime statistics show that CSPD catalytic converter theft investigations are increasing exponentially. In 2019, there were only three cases, but in 2020, the number surged to 106 cases. According to this year’s investigators, there have been more than 300 cases so far.

Even with these numbers, researchers say that the theft of catalytic converters is some of the least reported crimes.

“Based on some of the arrests I made this year alone, I believe they are very underreported. I admit that the two suspects stole more than 1,000 of them. “I did,” said Mallet.

At Colorado Springs’ buzz muffler, technicians see victims of catalytic converter theft flowing out of the door seeking repairs. Owner Jeff Goodwin says he sometimes has to give bad news.

“That is, there are several vehicles in total. Since the beginning of this year, the value of catalytic converters has tripled,” says Goodwin.

Tired of crime, Bud’s Muffler decided to proactively provide free services to protect costume designers and assist investigators.

“We are painting the catalytic converter with flame-retardant paint. It marks the cat and if someone gets caught in one of these painted cats, police say the catalytic converter was stolen. You can know, and they will be able to see the cat, which will be stamped with a VIN and tag number so that it can be traced back to the stolen person, “Goodwin said. I am saying.

Investigators say you probably know if you were the victim of any of these thefts, even if you’re not a car expert.

“When you start the car, you’ll notice it right away because it’s missing a big chunk in the exhaust system, which makes the exhaust system louder,” says Mallet.

Experts who make these repairs say lawmakers need to consider this issue, hold people who are buying stolen catalytic converters accountable, and contribute to the issue.

“I don’t know if it’s a demolition yard, but if you buy a cat, you’ll have to do some paperwork, so I think some things will be slower,” Goodwin said.

Investigators want us to remember, these are loud crimes and usually use a saw at night. Surveillance videos and crime stopper tips can make a big difference in resolving these crimes.

You can stay anonymous at all times by calling Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.

Catalytic converter thefts continue in Pikes Peak Region Source link Catalytic converter thefts continue in Pikes Peak Region

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