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(StudyFinds.org) – Cats are often accused of being far less personal than dogs. Although they tend to be much more independent than their dog counterparts, new research shows that cats have more than visible personalities. A team at the University of Helsinki states that they have identified seven different personality and behavioral traits that cats regularly exhibit.

Studies have also found that cat owners should expect their personality to differ depending on the breed they bring into their home. Using a comprehensive survey of cat owners, researchers examined the behavior of more than 4,300 cats across 26 different breeds. The team states that cats are the most common household pets, but their knowledge of cat behavior is still lacking compared to puppies.

“Compared to dogs, less is known about behavior, Cat personality, And related issues and risk factors need to be identified. More understanding and tools are needed to eliminate problematic behavior and improve cat welfare. The most common behavioral challenges associated with cats are related to aggression and improper exclusion, “said PhD researcher Salla Mikkola. University release.

What’s in the cat’s mind?

Professor Hannes Lohi’s team collected 138 questions to examine the cat’s personality and behavior. To their owner.. From these answers, the authors of the study discovered seven specific conditions that cats display.

  • Activity / playfulness
  • Awfulness
  • Aggression to humans
  • Sociality with humans
  • Sociality with cats
  • Toilet problems (Relieves yourself in an inappropriate place or indicates that the toilet is not clean)
  • Excessive grooming

“Although the number of traits identified in previous studies varies, activity / playfulness, fear, and aggression are one of the most frequent traits identified in previous studies. No toilet problems and excessive grooming Personality traits It’s like that, but it could indicate something about the cat’s susceptibility to stress, “adds Mikkola.

Not all cats are similar

The team notes that in addition to finding the different personalities that furry friends show, some varieties tend to show one particular quality over others. Phrases such as “scary cat” and “refreshing cat” are not just sayings.

“The most terrifying variety was Russian Blue, but the Abyssinian wasn’t the most terrifying. Bengal was the most active variety, but Persian and exotic were the most passive. The most over-dressed varieties were. Although Siamese and Balinese, the Turkish Van breed was much more aggressive to humans and less social to cats. Previous studies had already observed the same phenomenon, “says Professor Lohi.

“We wanted to get a rough idea of ​​whether or not there was. Difference in personality Characteristics between varieties. Future research will utilize more complex models to investigate the factors that influence traits and problematic behavior. In addition to their breed, these models take into account the age, gender, health, and various environmental factors of the cat, “continues Mikkola.

Cats cannot be put in the lab

Scientists say don’t even consider trying this study in the lab if you find it difficult for cats to get along in their own homes. The Finnish team has chosen to investigate their owners at home. Keep in mind that when you take a cat out of a comfortable environment, it does not always behave like you.

“Internationally speaking, our survey is the most extensive and important survey to date and provides an excellent opportunity for further research. The credibility of previous cat behavior questionnaires is that. It is not measured in such a versatile way and is not as comprehensive as it is. Establishing reliability makes further analysis valuable and enables reliable identification of various risk factors. It’s the key to doing that, “says Lohi.

Researchers hope their findings will help Animal scientist Identify genetic, environmental, and personality factors that can affect cat behavior.

The survey results will be displayed in the journal animal..

Cats have 7 distinct personality and behavioral traits, researchers find Source link Cats have 7 distinct personality and behavioral traits, researchers find

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