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In just four weeks of the spring semester 2021 UNOCBA Professional sales students teamed up to make a difference at home.Alliance with Great good together (TAGG), students raised $ 700 for Campus food pantry, Team up to set up phone calls with local businesses, partner with TAGG’s platform and encourage the larger Omaha community to give back. This was both a challenge and a hands-on learning experience, as students have overcome the travel restrictions of COVID-19 and are doing business with limited capacity.

With TAGG, companies can give back by donating a portion of each purchase made when a TAGG app user makes a purchase at a participating company. Students were responsible for understanding TAGG’s value proposition and working with TAGG experts to encourage companies to participate in the program and return it to the campus food pantry. In total, CBA Professional Selling students helped move six businesses to the platform: Angus Burgers & Shakes, 3rd Base Bar & Grill, The Banh Mi Shop, Arby’s Elkhorn, Eat Fit Go, and IQ Car Wash. Although it is a larger campus, there were some benefits to participating students, business colleges, and participating companies.

“The students were impressive! I didn’t have the opportunity to work directly with them, but my experience with Zoom calls, text messages and emails was very professional and I was able to introduce TAGG to many people. Many people have gone up to make this project a success, “as much as possible a local company,” said Holly Baker, co-founder of TAGG. “We hired the best performing students for our summer internship to continue the momentum generated by this project. Opportunity to work with UNO to make influential donations to food banks. Thank you very much for giving me. “

The willingness to form relationships, and above all, to make a difference, also helps students gain confidence in their sales, gain hands-on experience, and help others at other times when they are most distant. I did.

“When I attended this class, I felt the sales were horrifying,” said Kaylie Langan, a CBA student and current TAGG business specialist. “The partnership with TAGG is at UNO. It helped me gain confidence while using the various prospecting techniques I learned throughout our time.

This was a great partnership that benefited all the students involved. We all gained hands-on experience and were able to get out of the comfort zone. This project was the closest to the actual sales position I experienced. As a CBA student, such an experience will help us when looking for a post-graduation job and to give us an advantage in our future career. Such initiatives can have a significant impact on CBA students and the entire campus due to the endless possibilities that come with them. “

And in the spirit of reuniting people, one of the participating companies adopted for the TAGG platform is owned and operated by UNO Alum, who is passionate about giving back and being part of the Mavericks Spirit.

IQ owner Travis Barker said: Car Wash “The advantage is that you can advertise on TAGG and give back to your passion. Students will see how it works and what TAGG can do for us. I have done a good job of explaining to you. I have a good experience and would like to gradually expand the use of TAGG. The opportunity for local businesses to use this program and how easy and simple the program is. Thank you for being. “

These efforts show that CBA Professional Selling students’ learning has real-world implications and positive implications, and that gratitude and cooperation always lead to the best rewards.visit UNOCBA Professional Selling Program A website to learn more about how CBA students are community transformants.

CBA Professional Selling Students Team Up with TAGG and Give Back | College of Business Administration Source link CBA Professional Selling Students Team Up with TAGG and Give Back | College of Business Administration

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