CBS News reporters help owners find $ 40,000 in lost jewelry at Dallas Airport

Have you ever left your phone charger or your favorite book at the airport? How about tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry?

Without the kind behavior of CBS News reporter Omar Villafranca, that would have been experienced by a single traveler this week. On Friday, Villafranca ran into a box of jewels worth $ 40,000 in a toilet at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport.

“I felt heavy, so when I opened the box, I thought it belonged to someone. It’s expensive,” Villafranca said.

Initially, he tried to take the box to TSA, but they sent him elsewhere.

“They didn’t want some of that,” Villafranca said in “CBS this morning: Saturday.” “So I took it to the gate agent at the American Airlines terminal. Then I took a picture and tweeted.”

Villa Franca posted a photo of the contents of the box and the gate where it can be found. “I hope this will reduce the number of vampires in 2020 for someone,” Villafranca said in a post.

The owner of the jewelery was found and the airport shouted to Villafranca that he had submitted a “box of bling”.

“When I saw that tweet from DFW, I thought it was crazy. Oh my god, am I crazy?” Villa Franca said.

Villa Franca then said she had spoken to the owner of the box.

“He’s a gentleman living in Missouri. He owns his own small business,” Villafranca said. “And he told me this was something he had built up and bought over the years. It wasn’t just a” one big purchase. ” “

The reporter left him a message.

“He was very grateful. I told him,’Listen and pay in advance if you can. That’s all I’m looking for. 2020 was tough.'”

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