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Atlanta (CBS46) —A Metro Atlanta teacher was arrested for rape and sexual abuse of one of his students, but a CBS46 investigation reveals that educators have a history of fraud throughout Georgia schools. became.

Police arrested Robert Allenvandel at the Lindon Academy in September. His educational qualifications have been revoked and he worked at Holly Springs Private School despite decades of allegations of misconduct. However, the arrest in Holly Springs occurred because investigators said they had gone to Fulton County.

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“My job is to judge the truth,” the investigator can hear Robert Allen Vandel talking on the phone, which lasts nearly 30 minutes.

“Then you asked to look at her neck,” the investigator said. Van der said, “Something along that line-” You don’t have anything on your neck anymore “or something along that line. I do not know. It was interrupted.

The October 2020 phone focused on his own phone and email to junior high school students at the Fulton Academy of Sciences and Technology (FAST).

“Well, you said you would put a hicky on her neck if you were there,” the investigator continued. “No,” Wandell laughed.

A 63-year-old woman sent 80 emails to one student in 10 days and 15 emails to another female student in 5 days. Investigators from the Georgia Technical Standards Board (PSC) described communication as “obstructive.”

“The only answer I can give you is that the kids weren’t just kids to me. Some of them I thought were more family than kids.” Vandel said, “God. As a witness, that was all. I don’t know what I can say to you to meet what you are looking for. “

“Well, it’s just a reasonable explanation,” the investigator argued.

The call revoked his certificate of education.But it came six months after the student reported to FAST Vandel

“Massage the chest, touch the shoulders improperly, and tap occasionally [her] According to school documents obtained by CBS46.

“I don’t know why it took so long to remove him from the system,” recalled Carol Crocker.

Almost 20 years ago, she worked with Van der in Midland Middle in Columbus. As a sign language interpreter in his class, she says she saw signs of cheating and reported it to the school in 2003.

Records reviewed by CBS46 confirm that she explained her concerns to campus staff-reporting concerns about touching and nicknamed the children. Other teachers reported comments suggesting sexuality that he allegedly went to his students, as shown by Van der’s Midland Middle HR file.

“He just took a meter stick and tapped his ass.” Crocked went on to say, “I was really tired of it. I didn’t want to join it.”

The sign language interpreter regarded it as “grooming” and was afraid that more might have happened. According to Columbus police records, she was not wrong. That grade, investigators charged Vandel with five counts of sexual assault on female students.

Meanwhile, another student told the police, “Come home to get a Christmas present.” “He touched the inside of his buttocks and thighs,” others told Columbus PD.

Van der resigned from Columbus School. It was then discovered that PSC had suspended his education qualifications for 18 months. However, the educator continued to teach in Alabama. When his suspension was over, he worked in Georgia and taught junior high school students throughout the state.

The personnel file includes his employment at Chatham County School District in 2005, Notre Dame Academy in 2008, St. Johns in 2009, Cherokee County Charter in 2016, FAST in 2017, and Lindon Academy in 2020. I am.

Lindon Academy is where he was arrested this fall. Despite allegations of rape and sexual abuse at FAST, the detective believes that there may be victims of sexual assault in Lindon and the other school districts where he worked. GBI is currently asking students and teachers to come forward.

“How did they continue to tolerate that risk in our school,” asked Tamera Vega, the parent of a student in a science class at Lindon Academy.

Van der’s personnel records include a dismissal from FAST, a history of accusations, a state investigation, and a revocation of his education qualification, but Lindon Academy hired him last year.

CBS46 obtained a letter from the principal to the relevant parents who acknowledged Van der’s history and stated that the private school did not need him to have his qualifications.

In addition, the school looks forward to an “experienced” year. Lindon Academy told CBS46 that it is currently referring parents to pediatricians and local law enforcement agencies. But the school said it couldn’t comment any further.

“At this point, I was listening to explanations about the little things my daughter had done before and preparing them. Probably that type of …” Vega paused. “There is no doubt that there are other victims,” ​​he said.

“If we find that educators are behaving inappropriately, we take it for granted that the school district will act swiftly and swiftly,” explains Paul Shaw.

Shaw is the Director of Ethics within PSC, accrediting, revoking and investigating complaints against Georgian educators.

Some families are wondering if an agency can do it sooner to flag the district about the history of science teachers. However, Shaw argues that the University of Georgia system relies on schools searching online databases and those that contact the committee directly. Not the other way around.

“So you talk to them only when they ask,” asked Ciara Cummings of CBS46. “I don’t know where the person is employed or seeking employment in more than 180 school districts. There is no such kind of um. That is, there is no authority or way to do it.”

According to PSC records, CBS46 learned that a 2003 sexual assault case had been brought to court, but five indictments were later stalled.

The accusation is basically suspended indefinitely and the case can be reclaimed at any time.

Van der stays in prison because the judge denied his bond.

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