CCISD will welcome students to three new elementary schools in 2023 – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-10-27 15:13:21 –

Corpus Christi will soon have three new primary schools.

At CCISD’s 14th Annual District State on Wednesday, Roland Hernandez announced that the new campus will open in August 2023.

The event raised over $ 112,000 and benefited the Corpus Christi Education Foundation. The Corpus Christi Education Foundation serves and supports CCISD students and educators through financial contributions and volunteer services.

“A new exchange campus for Weldon Gibson Elementary School, a new elementary school on the southeastern side of the city of Yorktown, and a new campus for Meadowbrook, Montclair, and Woodlawn Elementary Schools on the grounds of the old Karen Middle School,” Hernandez told the crowd. .. Of the guest.

New school is part of 2020 $ 136.2 million bond.. The cost of the new Southeastern and integrated campuses of Montclair, Meadowbrook, and Woodlawn will be $ 35 million each. Originally built in 1951, the new Gibson Elementary School will cost $ 24 million.

Gibson Elementary has a new campus scheduled to open in August 2024 as part of its 2020 bond.

According to Hernandez, the district has provided 17 new campuses in 13 years.

President Johnny Bell said the district has not yet decided on the names of the integrated campus and the southeastern campus. She said she was excited about the development of the new campus.

“Gibson is an old school and we will bring them new technology,” Bell said. “These old schools don’t have the infrastructure to deploy technology that meets the standards. It’s best to give them a brand new school.”

Hernandez reiterated Bell’s words, stating that removing the outdoor winged campus was his mission to provide better safety to students.

Roland Hernandez, director of Corps Christie ISD, greets Carroll High School students on the first day of Tuesday, August 10, 2021. It is highly recommended to use masks on all campuses.

“At that time, the planned school in the district on the south side of the city would burst at the seams,” Bell said.

“This will give the family another school there for the area,” Bell said.

She said it would be wise to consolidate the elementary schools in Montclair, Meadowbrooke and Woodlawn because they are smaller campuses.

According to Hernandez, the new Carroll High School is still scheduled to open in August 2022.

CCISD will welcome students to three new elementary schools in 2023 Source link CCISD will welcome students to three new elementary schools in 2023

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