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CCSD sick policy could have unintended consequences for students, teachers say | COVID-19 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-08-02 20:54:00 –

FOX5 (LAS VEGAS)-As contagious as chickenpox, as the CDC warns that the Delta variant is highly contagious, the community does not allow people with the virus to enter school buildings. I hope that.

Now, more than ever, staff and students who complain of illness when they feel sick are of paramount importance for this school year.

The Clark County School District states on its website that students with COVID-19 symptoms must be at home. According to their website, they also have rooms on campus.

CCSD says, “If a student feels sick or has symptoms of COVID-19, is exposed to a person with COVID-19, or is tested positive for COVID-19, go home from school. I have to. “

Teachers are encouraged to do the same, but some teachers have enough submarines in the shortage of submarines, as teachers said that it is often scrambled to cover shifts. He says he is worried about that.

We asked the president of the Teachers Union Clark County Education Association (CCEA) about this.

“Schools need to understand. How do you provide coverage? For example, when I was a third grade teacher, if I didn’t call out and get a sub, sometimes they split. Will raise classes between colleagues and third graders, but is it safe to continue with COVID? Therefore, they need to understand something. These kids Will continue to be an education of the day? “said CCEA Chairman Marie Nices.

In case the child begins to feel sick while at school, the district has again set up a hospital room this year, an area for students with potential covid-19 symptoms, away from the health center. increase.

Teacher health is also monitored.

“One of the safety they do is that they need to be tested more regularly for unvaccinated people, I think once a week,” says Neisess. ..

The teacher told FOX5 that he needed to have a daily health check on the digital platform Emocha.

“We need to check in based on the COVID system, which means what we feel and how we feel today,” said Ryan Fromoltz, a CCSD English teacher at Las Vegas High School.

The teacher’s contract says that you can always call out when you feel sick, but there is only one problem. That is, a shortage of teachers and agents can make this a serious headache.

Currently, there is a vacancy of about 700 teachers, so long-term submarines are needed more often, which is one of the reasons why short-term submarines are difficult to obtain, Mr. Fromorz said. Said.

This can confuse office staff.

“And teachers feel guilty about it, but if you know you’re really sick and you can’t survive the day, you shouldn’t feel that way,” Fromoltz said. Told.

Neisess told union members that sub-deficiency should not discourage or discourage the call for your illness.

So what is being done to address the shortfall?

Last week we asked CCSD recruitment leaders if they had conversations to add incentives, retention bonuses, or increased teacher or sub salaries or benefits, but he refused to provide the details. Did.

Our outreach to the District Communications Office was also unanswered on Monday as of this issue date. We will continue to follow this for you.

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