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Please bring a holiday-themed mask and pouch heater.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a new guidance Friday that masks and field rallies are the best way to secure this year’s holiday rallies.

The CDC’s best advice is for everyone who is eligible to get the Covid-19 vaccine before they get together and travel on vacation. For children under the age of 11 who are not yet eligible for vaccination, the CDC recommends that everyone around them be vaccinated and protected during the holidays.

Unvaccinated adults in the United States are 11 times more likely to die of Covid-19 than fully vaccinated individuals and test positive for Covid-19, according to new data released by the CDC on Friday. The risk of becoming is 6 times higher.

For indoor gatherings, people still need to wear masks, especially unvaccinated masks.

Outdoors are still considered safer than indoors for rallies. Families are advised to take additional precautions and take the test before gathering. The CDC also suggests avoiding crowded spaces before people travel.

This year’s guidance is not as holiday-specific as last year. The guidance released on Friday came after some turmoil at the beginning of the month when the CDC published an update to its website’s holiday page. The CDC said at the time that this was just a technical update to the page.

After the recent decline in hospitalization by Covid-19 last month, some public health experts warned that the United States could see another surge this winter, especially before and after holidays.

“I think we’ve made significant progress in increasing vaccination, but in fact there are dangerous immunity gaps nationwide, and as long as that’s the case, the virus has spread.” Jennifer Nuzzo, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health and Security, said.

“Given that not only the number of cases so far, but also the increase in vaccinations, I think the worst is behind us. Therefore, I don’t think there will be an increase in cases. Winter will be as bad as last winter’s surge, but nothing is built into the decline, which means lasting momentum. What we see is really up to us. “

By masking and vaccination, families have far better options than last year, when the CDC kept people away from travel and direct gatherings in the pre-vaccination era.

“Working together allows us to enjoy a safer vacation, travel and protect not only our own health, but also the health of our family and friends,” said the CDC.

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CDC guidelines for holiday gatherings: Masks and vaccines are a must Source link CDC guidelines for holiday gatherings: Masks and vaccines are a must

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