CDC urges Michigan to shut down to stop the jump in the case of Covid

The director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention MichiganGovernor shuts down the state instead of demanding more vaccines as a way to control the sudden surge in cases of coronavirus.

Rochelle Warrensky, CDC The director said on Monday that he thought Michigan should impose new restrictions to combat the rapid spread of the disease, adding that vaccine bumper delivery was sometimes too late to stop the rise.

Her comments point to rare political intervention from US public health agencies. So far, US public health agencies are happy to issue guidelines and force states to set their own blockade rules. Also, how to quell the regional leap if experts warn between Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the federal government that the entire country can be wiped out before enough people gather. It also reflects the growing tensions in the country. vaccination To stop it.

Valensky said: “The answer is to really close things, go back to the basics, go back to last spring, last summer, close things, flatten curves, reduce contact. Each other, we can use. Test in range and contact the trace.

“You may not even be able to do it with the capacity you need, but in reality, all we have to do in such a situation is to shut things down.”

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“If you try to vaccinate to get out of what’s happening in Michigan, you’ll be disappointed that it took a very long time for the vaccine to work and actually affect you,” she added.

Whitmer Last year, it was praised by many Democrats for imposing blockades in the face of public attacks from former President Donald Trump.

But recently, she resisted the call to re-impose some of those measures and asked schools to abandon face-to-face education and youth sports, but did not instruct them to do so.

Instead, the Democratic governor called on the federal government to provide the state with more allocations of vaccine doses over the next few weeks.

She said on the weekend: “There is a surge in Michigan, despite some of the strongest policies in place, such as mask obligations, capacity limits, and telecommuting.

“Nevertheless, it’s booming because of these variants, and that’s why I really encourage them to think about the spike in vaccines to Michigan.”

About 7,000 people in Michigan were confirmed to have the disease on Saturday, according to the report. Latest numbers From the State Department of Health — close to last year’s record.Hospitalizations for the virus are close to record levels, with 4,118 people, but deaths from the disease Is rising From about 15 to nearly 45 people a day. The Midwestern state has a population of about 10 meters.

Even when the country continues to accelerate its vaccination program, a surge in state cases will occur.About 4.6 million people Vaccinated On Saturdays in the United States — daily records — almost half of the adult population receives at least one dose.

Health officials believe that the successful deployment of the vaccine may have made even unvaccinated people feel overly confident about the trajectory of their illness. Doctors in Michigan say the people who fill the ward are younger than the previous wave.

CDC urges Michigan to shut down to stop the jump in the case of Covid

Source link CDC urges Michigan to shut down to stop the jump in the case of Covid

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