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CDC works to curb the spike in drug overdose deaths through testing strips – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) – The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Wednesday that an overdose prevention program is now available to purchase rapid fentanyl test strips using federal funding. This is the latest effort to curb the proliferation of deaths from drug overdose.

You can use the test strip to see if the drug is mixed or cleaved with fentanyl. The goal is to provide more information to drug users and reduce the likelihood of drug overdose.

Offices in Coroner, Greenville County typically see about 150-180 deaths from overdose annually.

“But what we’re finding now is that if there is an overdose of drugs due to illegal drugs in Greenville County, fentanyl will be included as an ingredient,” said senior deputy coroner Kent Dill. Stated.

He said synthetic opioid fentanyl suppresses the respiratory system, which is extremely potent, addictive and deadly.

“Anyone who tries it can become addicted very, very quickly,” said coroner Dill. “I’m talking very, very quickly, and once that happens, it’s a difficult battle to successfully overcome that addiction.”

That’s why the CDC is working to curb the surge in deaths from drug overdose by making a federal overdose response program available for those in need of fentanyl test strips. ..

According to the CDC, there were 88,000 drug overdose nationwide in the 12 months to August 2020. This is the highest number of overdose ever recorded in 12 months.

“We’ve been trying to block the way out of this for over 100 years, but it’s clearly not working,” Challenges Inc. Said Marc Burrows, Program Director of. “Because we are working on health issues, it’s not just that you can’t arrest people.”

Challenges Inc. has a syringe program that focuses on harm reduction and overdose prevention methods.

People want fentanyl test strips every day, Burroughs said.

“The really cool thing about it is to educate drug users and put them in the driver’s seat,” Burroughs said. “So they can test their substance, they are looking for themselves.”

He said it’s a powerful way to allow users to make informed decisions about what they have in their bodies. But Barrow argues that more needs to be done.

“We really need to work to increase access to this, just as we aren’t the only ones offering these things in South Carolina,” Burroughs said.

The more access you have, the less likely people are to overdose.

CDC works to curb the spike in drug overdose deaths through testing strips Source link CDC works to curb the spike in drug overdose deaths through testing strips

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