CDC’s cruise vaccination restrictions at odds with Florida’s ban on vaccine passports – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-06-11 18:09:58 –

Tampa, Florida — A ban on businesses that require proof of immunization in Florida now conflicts with the CDC’s cruise line requirement to fully immunize 95% of passengers to avoid simulated voyages. I am.

The question is how to check vaccination status before the cruise line departs.

The question is one of many leaving cruisers wondering if their vacation is at a loss.

“On July 10th, we will be on an eight-day cruise to Aruba and all of it,” said Stephen Schrader, who will sail from Port Miami to Carnival in July.

This is a cruise scheduled by the Schroeders last year before the pandemic shuts down the industry.

“I think we can cancel up to 6 times,” Schrader said.

It’s a dream trip, but Stephen is worried that it will be pushed back, at least for his family. He and his wife are planning to take their three children. The family is completely vaccinated. Everything except Elizabeth, a 6-month-old daughter. She cannot be vaccinated yet.

“It’s a pain for us, because we work really hard all year long to give our children these wonderful experiences,” Schroeder said.

They are waiting for a reply from the Carnival Cruise Line as to whether 5% of unvaccinated people on board can include Elizabeth.

However, the CEO of Port Everglades says people must be flexible when it comes to planning this year’s cruises.

Jonathan Daniels, CEO of Port Everglades, said:

Another big problem is Florida Vaccine Passport BanHow does the Cruise Line check vaccination status to meet the 95% vaccination requirements set by the CDC?

“At both the cruise line and the governor’s office, they want to resume cruising. It’s a very important part of the economy in all parts of Florida, so eventually we’ll work together to come up with some solution. You can take it, “said Daniels.

So far, what the cruise line says is:

Carnival Cruise Line says: “These cruises are available to guests who have received a final dose of CDC-approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the start of the cruise and have proof of vaccination, in accordance with the current guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. . Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “

Norwegian Cruise Line says: “The company’s reopening efforts are ongoing in collaboration with local governments and are based on the strong protocol of the Sail SAFE ™ Health and Safety Program. The basis of this program is to embark on a voyage by 31 October. All crew members and guests need to be fully vaccinated for 2021. “

Celebrity Cruises says: “Like all celebrity cruise ships, Celebrity Equinox meets the highest standards for providing a healthy cruise experience for guests and crew, with at least 95% of crew and guests vaccinated. As of August 1, all guests are 12 years old and must be vaccinated. “

Royal Caribbean chose a simulated voyage to circumvent the 95% vaccination requirement. Still, they say As of June 4: “90% of all vacationers booking at Royal Caribbean are vaccinated or will be vaccinated in time for the cruise.” It is highly recommended that you be vaccinated and set sail. If you are not vaccinated or cannot confirm your vaccination, you will need to be tested and follow other protocols announced at a later date. “

We contacted each cruise line to confirm plans for obtaining vaccination certification. We will notify you as soon as the information arrives.

CDC’s cruise vaccination restrictions at odds with Florida’s ban on vaccine passports Source link CDC’s cruise vaccination restrictions at odds with Florida’s ban on vaccine passports

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