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(NEXSTAR) – Cinco de Mayo, despite what many think It’s not It’s Mexico Independence Day, but to commemorate the victory of another battle. holiday, Mexico doesn’t even celebrate widelyNevertheless, it has become a staple of “night outings” in the United States, and restaurants have also become an opportunity to serve food and margaritas.

But for many American Latinos, Cinco de Mayo is a nuisance as a political hostility around them. Immigrants It’s getting higher. This day is also complicated by the methods that have been historically celebrated by non-Latin Americans in the United States. This can often turn into stereotypes and even the ridicule of Mexican culture.

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A good example: In 2017, a fraternity group from Baylor University, Texas held a “Cinco de Drinko” party. Not only students wearing sombrero and ponchos, but also maid and construction worker costumes participated in the party. The event bartender was also said to have a brown face, Washington post report.

The Defamation Prevention League There is also a page dedicated to holidays.

“Cinco de Mayo is a fun and festive holiday in the United States and is often plagued by the problematic choices of people who want to have a good time and celebrate,” ADL writes. “Unintentionally, people can perpetuate the harmful stereotypes of Mexicans at private parties, restaurants, community festivals, and schools.”

For many Latino Americans, Cinco de Mayo also partially represents the “fake” celebration of Mexican heritage created to take customers to restaurants.

“At Cinco de Mayo, non-Mexican Americans can choose and enjoy some of the Mexican culture,” writes Katie Dupere. Mashable.. “… it’s a colonization of culture — a whitewashed, watered-down version of the true heritage.”

Mexican early childhood educator Kim Silva said Color line This holiday, often celebrated in the United States in 2017, rarely promotes Mexican culture.

“At this point, when people want to build a wall, we’re more than a corporate marketing tactic. The way the Mexican community is affected in terms of education, immigration and employment is the same as’Cinco de Drinko’. It can really make a difference if it gets a lot of attention. “

Kim Silva, Early Childhood Educator

Scholars are not the only ones scrutinizing the day. Searching for “Cinco de Mayo” and “racism” on Twitter reveals a number of strong verbal reactions from Latin Americans warning them to monitor their May 5 behavior.

So what can you do?

The Anti-Defamation League has listed several ways to avoid unpleasant behavior in Cinco de Mayo.

  • Although an element of Mexican culture, it can be worn to make fun of or stigmatize Mexicans, and avoid wearing sombrero or panchos that have been worn.
  • Use Cinco de Mayo as a “taught” moment to deal with stereotypes and offensive jokes.
  • Companies, schools and other organizations should endeavor to introduce a broader and more authentic Mexican heritage. ADL recommends expanding the focus beyond the “three Fs” (festivals, fashion and food) to avoid neglecting the rich history of culture and people’s experiences. “

So what teeth Cinco de Mayo, isn’t it Mexico Independence Day?

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This holiday commemorates Mexico’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Britannica I will explain. The battle arose from tensions over the repayment of debt used by several countries, including France, as the reason for the aggression. This event is considered a symbol of Mexican protest.

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