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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — For over 50 years, the revered principal of Omaha North High School, Jean Haynes, has worked tirelessly to shape the hearts of children.

To honor his service, everyone was invited to a retirement celebration at the Northwest High School Stadium.

So he took his upbringing lessons to the classroom, he says.

“My dad was a big guy, he was 6th grade educated, and my mom was 8th grade educated, and they taught us long ago,” you Will go to school, “Haines said. “No matter what happens,’you will go to school and get well.'”

Haynes built his life in Omaha after graduating from Rust College in Mississippi.

“My mom and dad had the opportunity to move to Omaha and go to Miami, Florida. They said they would stay in Omaha for a year and save money and then go to Miami. Since then, they have been in Omaha.” Said Haynes.

His students say his decision to stay in Omaha shaped their course forever.

“I got an education. I need more black educators, I have a first principal in elementary school and a second black principal in high school, so I get an education myself. Where am I? I knew I wanted to be, just like they were, “said Marlon Harrison, a graduate of Omahan North.

Another Omahan North graduate, Shonna Dorsey, traveled from South Dakota to honor Haynes.

“He encouraged me to always pursue what I wanted to go. He always did a great job of keeping children away from the hallways and children from trouble. It’s a big difference. “.

“He always brings donuts for his homeroom, and that makes me gain a little weight,” Harrison said.

Haynes always prioritized his staff and students.

“I put them at the forefront of my to-do list — my parents, my students, and my staff,” Haynes said.

His students and the students closest to him appeared and simply said “thank you” and returned their favors.

“I think he will continue to be a big part of my life. He planted it in me as a high school student and it still appears in my life today, so investing and giving back to others When thinking about importance, “Dorsey said.

Haynes talks about three news After the pandemic, he plans to spend his retirement on a trip.

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