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Harrisburg, PA (AP) — After gaining fame at the Oprah Winfrey show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, a celebrity cardiac surgeon best known as the host of the Dr. Oz Show on television, said Tuesday. Announced that he will run for the Senate in Pennsylvania. Republican.

Oz, 61, is expected to make his unparalleled name recognition and wealth one of the most competitive in the country, and is widely likely to determine Senate domination in next year’s elections. Bring to the open race.

A longtime resident of New Jersey, Oz enters the Republican territory. Reset due to influx of candidates And now that the candidate has been approved by Trump, a new opportunity to appeal to voters loyal to former President Donald Trump. The race is over..

In a social media video message, Oz cast himself as a kind of health champion for people who “accepted medical institutions to oppose expensive medicines and rising medical costs,” and he mishandled him. Ready to fight the government said COVID 19 pandemic.

Oz also pitches to Trump’s supporters, and perhaps Trump, by calling Trump’s slogan for his governing philosophy, “America First.”

“As a cardiac surgeon, I know how precious life is,” says Oz. “Pennsylvania needs a conservative who puts America first, rekindles our sacred sparks, bravely fights for freedom, and conveys it as it is.”

Oz recently talked to his Pennsylvania colleagues and Republicans about his plans, and has been living and voting in Pennsylvania since last year, according to a spokesman for the television show.

Pennsylvania is one of the largest presidential election awards in the United States Put Democrat Joe Biden on top In last year’s election. His 1 percent point victory brought the swing state back into democracy after Trump won even narrower in 2016.

Oz’s resume is dazzling: Cardiac Surgeon, New York Times Best Selling Author, Emmy Award-winning TV Show Host, Radio Talk Show Host, Presidential Appointment, Ten About Healthy Habits Founder of a national non-profit organization to educate teens, and a self-proclaimed ambassador for health.

He was appointed by Trump to the Presidential Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition and hosted “Jeopardy!” As a guest. We held a game show to help save a dying man at Newark Liberty International Airport last winter.

In his video message, he promotes entrepreneurship and states that he “invented a heart valve that saves thousands of lives.”

If Trump’s support is important in the Republican primary, Oz may be outstretched. When Oz interviewed Trump at his show in 2016, Trump told him, “You know my wife is a big fan of your show.”

Still, Oz may need to explain why he isn’t running for New Jersey. I lived in New Jersey for the past 20 years before starting to vote for absentee ballots in the Pennsylvania elections this year. Suburbs of Philadelphia.

Legally, it’s not clear how Oz claims to live in Pennsylvania for voting registration, and campaign aides didn’t return a message asking about it.

Oz’s longtime home is located on the Hudson River in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, overlooking Manhattan. There he shoots TV shows and practices medical care. Oz became a popular name as a guest of Opla before starting his own show in 2009.

The willingness to expand Oz’s business portfolio is greedy, and critics say he often promotes suspicious products and medical advice.

In a letter calling for dismissal from Columbia University School of Medicine, he sells “Sudden Treatments and Treatments for Personal Economic Benefits,” written by a group of doctors in 2015. I am suffering from the accusation that it is. He wasn’t fired.

Oz began appearing regularly on Fox News during the pandemic and in the spring of 2020. Blame for comment Reopening school suggests that it may be worth the additional death, as it “may cost only 2% to 3% in terms of total mortality.”

Researchers at the University of Alberta found that in 2014, about half of 80 randomly selected recommendations from Oz’s show, often dietary advice, were not supported or inconsistent by evidence. I found that.

In any case, the Republican primary was held somewhat at the exit of Sean Parnell, a Trump-supporting candidate close to Trump’s eldest son. Parnell ended the campaign after losing a court battle over the custody of his three children. The judge said he believed in allegations of abuse by Parnell’s estranged wife.

Oz is part of an influx of Republican candidates who didn’t live in Pennsylvania at least until recently, but perhaps more importantly, they’re rich.

As Oz participates in the race, he hopes Connecticut-based hedge fund CEO David McCormick will cross Pennsylvania this week to meet with Republican officials and return to his home country to run.

The most prominent Republicans already in action are conservative commentators, Kathy Burnett, and real estate investors. Jeff Baltos When Carla Sands, Trump’s wealthy ambassador to Denmark, a fundraising activist who recently returned to his native Pennsylvania after spending most of the last 40 years in California.

No one has won the election office, and Bartos is the only one in Pennsylvania to run the entire state as Vice Governor of the Republican Governor’s Ticket, which the Republican Party lost in 2018.

The field of democracy It has been stable since AugustIt features candidates with much more election experience than the Republican field, but has much less personal wealth. The best known are John Fetterman, Deputy Governor of the State, and US Congressman Conor Lamb on the outskirts of Pittsburgh.

Oz was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of a cardiac surgeon who emigrated from Turkey.

He attended high schools in Delaware and Harvard University as an undergraduate student, where he played soccer and served in the Turkish Army to maintain dual citizenship.

Oz’s wife is also the daughter of a prominent cardiac surgeon, and when Oz attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, the two met in Philadelphia through their father.

To serve as a senator, a constitutional qualification must be a resident of the state at the time of election.

According to an analysis by the Congressional Research Service in 2015, the Senate previously determined that elected persons must have some kind of residence in the state, or at least have the intention of establishing one there. ..


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