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Beal may become a free agent on June 30th.

Bradley Beal and Jayson Tatum are childhood friends and could help the Celtics land the All-Star. Jim Davis / Globe Staff

It is estimated that some NBA stars are in motion this summer. Wizard Guard’s Bradley Beal is one of them.

Beal has a $ 36.4 million player option for the 2022-23 season and may refuse to be a free agent. If he does, the Celtics may be a good candidate for a three-time All-Star.

Boston is the fifth most likely to buy Beal on this offseason. The Celtics landing odds of +1000 track Wizards (-125), Heat (+600), Hawks (+750), and Lakers (+900). FOX bet Give the Celtics the same odds as a local beer Track the same 4 teams at +1100.

The Celtics have long been speculated as potential landing sites, either through trade or free agents. Beer grew up in St. Louis with Celtics star Jayson Tatum. The older beer drove and the younger Tatum went to school as a kid sharing some other moments.Tatum Rumors of the Celtics flew around last summer When he commented on an Instagram post with a Gree Shamrock emoji, it was about the possibility of beer leaving Washington.

The road to Boston’s acquisition of beer will be difficult. The Celtics are already well above next season’s salary cap, so you can only get beer through sign-and-trade. If not, the Celtics will need to opt in in the final year of the contract to facilitate trading.

In both scenarios, the Celtics need to break up with several key contributors to the team that reached the NBA Finals this past season in order to match their salaries. It may not be necessary to give up Jaylen Brown, who many analysts speculated that the Celtics would have to do to trade beer a year ago, but Marcus Smart, Robert Williams Derrick White. , Or Al Horford. Sign-and-trade also puts Boston in a tricky place, as teams that acquire players by sign-and-trade must work under hard caps for the next season.

But with the impending potential free agency for beer, he seems to have already made a decision on his decision.Beer Told athletic Josh Robins On June 18th, he had already decided where to play next season, but he wouldn’t say where to play. He also told Robins that he heard the pitch from around the league.

“Many, many. You know I can’t name you,” Beer said when asked which player hired him.

Wizards are now a clear favorite for landing (or maintaining in this case) Beal for next season, probably for two reasons. Washington can offer beer $ 246 million for five years, while other teams can offer beer for only $ 184 million for four years. Beal also showed in March that he was devoted to staying in Washington instead of leaving for another team.

Celtics one of the betting favorites to land Bradley Beal on multiple sportsbooks Source link Celtics one of the betting favorites to land Bradley Beal on multiple sportsbooks

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