Celtics star Jaylen Brown tests positive for COVID-19 – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2021-10-08 18:21:15 –


The team announced that Brown was asymptomatic and under quarantine.

Jaylen Brown tested positive for COVID-19.

The Celtics announced on Friday that Jaylen Brown of Starwing tested positive for COVID-19. The team added that Brown was asymptomatically quarantined after being tested positive.

When asked if he was vaccinated at the start of the training camp, Brown did not say whether he was vaccinated. Brown, NBPA’s vice president, said the NBA and NBPA did a “great job” on vaccination.

“WNBA is 99% vaccinated and I think the NBA is over 90%,” Brown said. Said in September.. “With the NBA [players] The union did a great job. In certain states and certain entities, they are not at that percentage level. “

“Everyone has their own thoughts on it,” Brown added to the vaccine. “Personally, my closest family member is vaccinated. I have a vaccinated family member who is worried about getting a booster shot or multiple booster shots. And my family member Some people have not been vaccinated at all. “

Last season, the Celtics were hit harder by COVID than any other team in terms of missed time. As a team, Celtics players missed over 160 days for COVID-19. Prior to the training camp, Celtics’ new head coach Ime Udoka had a groundbreaking case for COVID-19.

Brown’s positive test will take place the day before the Celtics play their second pre-season game against the Raptors on Saturday. In his first pre-season game, Brown scored the team’s best 25 points in his victory over the Celtics Magic. The Celtics will play pre-season games against Magic (October 13) and Heat (October 15) before the regular season with Knicks begins on October 20.

Celtics star Jaylen Brown tests positive for COVID-19 Source link Celtics star Jaylen Brown tests positive for COVID-19

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