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CEO seeks to help those with minor pot possession charges – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-16 00:19:07 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — After Celebration Economic victory Within the Nevada cannabis industry, there is still work to be done for those trapped for minor possessions.

More than a year has passed since Governor Steve Sisolak passed the resolution Forgive anyone convicted of minor marijuana crimes..

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“This needs to be addressed and addressed quickly,” said Simon Nankervis, CEO of The Source Holding.

“I think it’s right if we can find people convicted of crime and provide them with employment,” he said.

Nankarvis says Nevada’s records cannot be erased, they only hide them.

Governor Sisorak’s Act of Parliament 192 rationalized the decriminalization of minor marijuana convictions, but it is not automatic.

“A: They don’t have access to resources to get advice,” he said. “And B: I think they often don’t even know where to go to get that advice.”

The state allegedly pardoned those convicted of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana in the last two decades. An amount that can be easily exceeded without dangerous intent.

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“People who use it for medical purposes — arguably a few ounces are not uncommon for someone to own,” Nankarvis said.

13 Action News asked the Attorney General’s office how many amnesty had been in the state since the resolution was signed, but says the office does not keep a record of the exact amount of amnesty.

The full statement from the Attorney General’s Office is as follows:

“A June 2020 vote by the State Amnesty Commission pardoned thousands of people convicted of possessing a small amount of cannabis. We have a record of the exact number of amnesty. But everyone we know has been pardoned for the crime in question.

In Original resolutionFrom 1986 to 2017, 15,592 people were allegedly convicted of a simple cannabis possession crime of misdemeanor.

Since all prosecutors in the state control their own prosecutors, it is not possible to determine how many proceedings are pending. “

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“I really encourage my colleagues, partners, and others in the industry to really lag behind.” People convicted of minor cannabis crimes actually improve themselves and move forward. How can I educate and support my job? And will you become an active member of society again? “Nan Carvis said.

Sauce dispenser is helping people Clear record during the event on Saturday, October 16th Located along Rainbow Avenue and Sahara Boulevard.It runs from noon to 4 pm

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