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(Chase Village celebrated its 1st anniversary in August. Photo courtesy of Chase Village)

Surrounded by gorgeous Chatahoo Chi Hills and just 15 minutes from the world’s busiest airport, CHACE Village is a fun, relaxing and inspirational sanctuary for creative visitors.

Founded by Atlanta creative and placemaking experts Tyree Smith and WOLF Ideas Group, CHACE Village is a 73-acre beautifully treeed land with 5 acres of lake and bed and breakfast space. Upon arrival, two goats, Keith and Alan, are roaming around.

Their mission is not only to be the city of Atlanta’s creativity, but to be the center of resources while deliberately building a thriving, sustainable and safe space.

“CHACE Village is a placemaking and space revitalization experiment. CHACE stands for Chatafuchi Hills Arts and Culture Ecosystem Village. We are a community in the middle of lush nature. My goal is , Building a space for creativity equivalent to Silicon Valley. A place to relax away from the city. For these reasons, we converted the house into an art gallery and bed and breakfast, “said Smith. increase.

Smith, a father from New Jersey, calls Atlanta his hometown. Atlanta is the city where he lived for 20 years. He’s no stranger when it comes to creating a safe space for local Atlanta creativity. He has leveraged many years of diverse expertise throughout his creative journey to make CHACE Village a reality.

“Early in my career, I became an Infamous Tattoos tattoo artist, where I began to dive deeper into the art scene and become creative. I became the first person to host a party on Peter’s Street and finally. Transformed the creative Peter’s Street and Castlebury Hill community into the current community. I wanted to do all these great things for other businesses and create my own business. ” Said. I saved all the money from the event and opened a space called the Art Lanta Gallery. It started to work so well that people came to me to carry out an initiative to create an artistic space for creativity on the acres of Fort McPherson and Auckland City area.

“I went to a class called the Regional Leadership Institute. I had a lot of relationships, including the Malta Art Council. Many people, including the mayor and other industry leaders, gathered to discuss and resolve Atlanta issues. Find a way. One of Atlanta’s biggest problems is the retention of creative artists, “says Smith.

Creating a safe space for creatives is CHACE Village’s mission, but they also do due diligence to provide valuable life resources and bring them to the forefront for creative use. increase.

“We are creative art first. But there are many programs such as financial literacy, proposal preparation classes, homeowner classes, and other tools for creatives to succeed in the long run. Creatives didn’t know. You can also find out about potential grants. This is important for creatives who don’t know about available grants, which is important because there is a big gap. I want to be an intermediate between the two. ” He said.

Built in 1983, the CHACE Village house represents Japanese design inspiration throughout its exterior. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 office / study area and a home gallery in the basement. Opportunities to rent a house are also available on websites such as AirBnB.

In addition, CHACE Village puts land conservation a top priority and invites guests to enjoy all the wonders nature offers, including fun activities on the lake such as fishing. One of their ultimate goals is to eventually create a drive-in on the lake so that guests can watch the movie on a giant inflatable movie screen projector surrounded by trees and stars.

“There are paddle boats and nature trails throughout the property that guests can enjoy. One of the events we offer, called BYOT, which stands for Bring Your Own Tent, is creative for different types of life. We have several art shows and we hook up on the second Sunday of every month for fishing. There are also three campgrounds with fire pits. ” Smith said.

CHACE Village attracts the attention of TV executives as well as creatives everywhere. Black Ink Crew New York was recently filmed on location and has such a positive experience for castmates and CHACE, making Smith completely open to other filming projects and rentals.

“The exposure from Black Ink Crew New York was astounding. Our website has improved by 150%. Puma, the cast member of the show, is actually one of our partners,” Smith said. Mr. says.

With so many scenic options to choose from around Georgia, Smith was eventually sold in the beautiful wooded landscape of Chatafuchi Hills due to its proximity to the city.

“Returning to the issue of talent retention, six years ago, I was looking for land in Toomsboro, Georgia on Twitter. I stopped because I realized that an hour and 45 minutes commute from Atlanta, Georgia would rob Atlanta of my talent. Decided. I found this land, and the owner worked with me and my plans for what I wanted to do on the land. Chatahoo Chi Hills is still considered Atlanta. It was in Fulton County and it was important to be here, “says Smith.

“I want to get more land in the Chatahoo Chi Hills area. I’m not going to leave Georgia with CHACE. I contract it to help someone else in my town, but CHACE is in Atlanta And I don’t have it anywhere else, “Smith said.

In addition, August 14, 2021 marked the first anniversary of CHACE Village, but the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on CHACE, complicating its early stages.

“We first tried to get investors in December 2019. We were planning to move in February 2020, but the world froze. I helped me secure my fortune. We had to hire partners and investors to help us. This is our new wisdom, but CHACE is at its best socially distant and has only space. Currently, there are small events Yes, there are many other pivots, but we’ve overcome them. Those who get out of these situations when a crisis strikes and stays at the top of the business are at the top, “Smith said.

With the rise of the COVID-19 Delta variant, health and safety protocols have become a top priority for all businesses, their employees, and their consumers.

“One of the biggest things we did was one of my partners, C. Ross, and I became a COVID-19 compliant officer. If you have more than 5 people at home At every event, C. Ross makes sure everything is clean, wiped and sprayed, “says Smith. rice field.

This year is nearing its end, and 2022 is just four months away. CHACEVillage has exciting and innovative plans for the rest of the year and the New Year.

“The rest of the year will be about financing and raising awareness of real estate. Next year, we plan to offer more activations and programs dealing with grant creation and financial literacy. We plan to run a house and a five-acre farm. We’ll change that description because blacks own only 1% of arable land, “says Smith. Black ownership is very important, but inclusiveness is also important. CHACE is not only black, but black-led. This is for Atlanta’s creative and part of creating a bigger story.

“I couldn’t do that without my team. This isn’t a one-of-a-kind project. Mayor Chatafuchi Tom Reid is also very supportive of what we’re doing at CHACE. And I’ve even visited it several times. He believes that the relationship between leadership and creativity is important, “Smith said.

CHACE Village Creates Sanctuary in Chattahoochee Hills for Creative Artists to Thrive in Source link CHACE Village Creates Sanctuary in Chattahoochee Hills for Creative Artists to Thrive in

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