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Arlington, Texas 2021-04-22 15:45:16 –

It could be a long-standing competitive Democratic primary in Virginia’s 49th House district Alfonso Lopez representative And newcomers Karishma Mehta..

Since the announcement Her candidacy In October, Mehta received some notable progressive support, including Democratic Socialists of America, Sunrise, Virginia, and our Revolutionary Arlington.She has also raised a fair amount of money, and her campaign says they have raised more than five times so far. Before 49th ward challenger..

Campaign in the first quarter of 2021 Raised About $ 51,000, totaling $ 78,000.

Mehta is actively campaigning and has sent more than 12 emails to its supporters since mid-March. The email asked for donations, announced approval, and demanded that companies such as Dominion Energy and Amazon, which are building their headquarters in District 49, be “immediately governed.”

Meanwhile, Lopez gained support from the saying that he is on the list of lawmakers, officials and organizations in Arlington and Virginia.This includes US Senator Tim Kain, Virginia Secretary of Education Arif Karni, Arlington Fire Union, and even His main challenger In 2019, JD Spain is the president of the NAACP Arlington branch.

According to the campaign, it raised more than $ 80,000 in the first quarter of 2021, for a total of $ 160,000.

The· 49th ward It runs from Seven Corners to Pentagon City, including many of Arlington’s diverse Columbia Pike Corridors.

Primary is set to June 8, Early voting will start tomorrow (April 23rd). The race will bring the established Congressman Arlington against the first candidate.

Meta Is a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher and daughter of Indian-American parents who emigrated to the United States in search of a better life. But they had a hard time, she told ARLnow to pay the rent, get affordable medical care, and repay the debt. Originally from Tennessee and Pennsylvania, she moved to Arlington about 10 years ago to teach.

Meta is proud to help represent a wave of progressive rebels across the country. Corporation.. “

“I’ve seen cyclical patterns and lack of accountability not only in elected civil servants, but in the way we created society,” she says. “My goal is to be part of a new generation of lawmakers who can help break the cycle of inequality and help build a new system that encourages everyone.”

“We represent the future of the Democratic Party, but moderates like Delegate Lopez represent the past,” she adds.

Lopez First elected As an agent In 2011.. Since then, he has become a majority in-hospital affairs officer in the Virginia House of Representatives, sponsoring a number of notable bills, including a bill earlier this year that gave the locals a great say. Which company will get a liquor sales license?..

This past general meeting session he Whole legislative agenda Signed laws, including legislation related to gun control, More access Financial assistance to students regardless of immigrant situation, and funding to improve water treatment plants and prevent pollution of the Chesapeake Bay.

Lopez told ARLnow that he believed that the experience of the bill being passed was the reason he remained the best candidate for the job.

“What I do is bring Arlington’s progressive values ​​to Richmond, accomplish as much as possible, successfully pass the bill, and move the policy needles as effectively as possible. “He says.

Talking to both candidates, it’s clear that there is a brewing gap in what constitutes progressiveness in Arlington in 2021.

Meta classifies himself as progressive, but several times hints that Lopez is out of harmony with where Arlington and District 49 are politically headed.

“My story is about so many people living here in the 49th district,” she says. “We are fighting to expand voters and bring new youth and people into the political process.”

Lopez, a Latino, is a little embarrassed by these accusations, but recognizes that there have been some political changes lately.

“I’m a solid Arlington progressive. Three years ago, I was the most liberal member of the House of Representatives. Virginia Progressive Legislative Action Network“He says. “This year I am the 10th most progressive. I haven’t changed.”

Mehta has promised not to spend corporate money on the campaign. This was done by Lopez, she says. She accused Lopez of taking “thousands from private health insurance companies” and “real estate developers” in the past.

In response to these statements, Lopez replied, “If someone donates to my campaign, they are in favor of my agenda, not the other way around.”

When asked what they liked best about Arlington and District 49, they both cited community diversity and a sense of unity.

“No matter how temporary people feel Arlington, we have a sense of love and community that encourages us to keep fighting,” says Mehta. “Now, nearly 10 years after I lived here, I feel like I’ve never felt lonely. I’ve never been isolated.”

“The Columbia Pike Corridor and District 49 are the world of zip codes,” says Lopez. “It’s not only ethnic and national diversity, but also socio-economic diversity, which is a great thing about the region … I love to represent my neighbors and friends.”

Photo by Alfonso Lopez and Karishma Mehta campaign

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