Chamar Leni

Chamar Leni

                                          Chamar Leni

Nasik in Maharashtra is a hub of diverse religious places. These religious places and institutions are not just limited to Hinduism. Other religious beliefs also have an equal significance in here. Chamar Leni is a group of caves located at Mhasrul, Nasik. These caves are Jain caves which belong to the 4th century. It is considered as one of the most sacred spots of the Jain religion. This pilgrimage centre is visited by many followers of Jainism throughout the year.

More about Chamar Leni

Chamar Leni is a part of the Teerthraj Gajpantha. This is a huge pilgrim centre of the Jain culture. These caves are actually a temple painted in white. It is situated in between the hill and has steps leading to it which is made up of black stone. It is at an elevation of 400 feet from the ground. One can climb their way up the caves. It has a huge statute of Mahavir housed in it.

It is a popular belief that Chambar Leni Caves were built by the king of Mysore, Chamraj. Thus, the name of this cave was coined as ‘Chambhar Caves’ or ‘Chamar Caves’. This very fact came to be known from an ancient holy book known as the ‘Shantinath Purana’.

Chamar Leni is home to a popular belief that the seven saints of the Jain tradition along with their 8 crore followers got salvation here in these caves. This very belief is popular amongst the masses here and thus attracts a fair amount of Jain pilgrims to this place.

The caves hold vast historical significance. It has various elements of Jainism attached to it. This makes this place an interesting sight to visit. Chamar Leni is not just popular amongst the Jain population but is prominent tourist spot. This ancient structure has various secrets and curious travelers belonging to various religious groups come to visit this place. People who are interested in exploring ancient religious structures must visit Chamar Leni once in their lifetime.

In and Around Chamar Leni

Chamar Leni caves are capsuled in the beauty of Mother Nature. The natural beauty of this place adds to the grandeur of this place. This place looks lush green during monsoons. The ones who are interested in nature can come and visit this place. In addition to being in the tranquil lap of nature on will get an opportunity to explore the beauty of the Jain culture when in here.

Atop the hills there exists temples dedicated to Jain monks. These temples have the imprints of the Charan or feet of the holy monks of this tradition. This is highly revered by Jains monks and pilgrims. In addition to this there exists two caves in here.

One can find the Samadhi of Kshemendra Kirti at Chamar Leni. A beautiful garden is also present here. The garden is well-maintained.

There also exists four directional statues of the perpetrator of Jainism, Lord Mahavir.

Chamar Leni offers a breathtaking view of the city of Nasik. This panoramic view is indeed spectacular. It is a wonderful spot for taking some unique pictures. The tedious climb up the caves feels all worth it when the traveler is presented with such a spectacular view.

A Tourist’s Guide

Chamar Leni is open on all days of the week. Entry is not ticketed here. It is at a distance of 9 km from the centre of the city of Nasik. The nearest railway station from Chamar Leni is Nasik Road Railway Station which is at a distance of 16 km. the nearest airport is Gandhinagar Military Airport at a distance of 14 km from here. Public transport is easily available here. Accommodation is also not a huge issue in here. Nasik is flooded with a wide range of hotels ranging from budget hotels to extravagant stays. One can book rooms both online and offline.

Chamar Leni caves is one place one must not miss when in Nasik. This ancient historical structure is worth being explored. The ancient structure, the natural beauty, temples and the panoramic view exhibited by this place makes Chamar Leni a unique tourist destination. Chamar Leni very well adds up to the list of places of religious importance at Nasik.

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