Champions League finals test the spirit of two tough enemies

The clash between Liverpool and Real Madrid in the final of this year’s UEFA Champions League, Europe’s most prestigious and richest football tournament, will bring the Spanish champion to the British runners.

This is a match between two teams with a global fan base and the European football pedigree supported by the 19 UEFA Champions League and the Europa League shared between them.

In addition to fame, the champion is guaranteed huge monetary prizes. Last year’s winner, Chelsea, raised € 119.8 million to lift the trophy. This is the amount backed by additional loyalty and bonuses from the sponsor. In contrast, Villarreal, who won the Uefa’s second-tier Europa League tournament last season, raised € 33 million. The player who won the Stade de France Stadium in Paris this Saturday will also qualify for the Uefa Super Cup.

Off the pitch, financial analysts suggest that no club is worth more than Real Madrid. According to football benchmarks, the club’s estimated market value is € 3.1 billion, including debt. On the same index, Liverpool ranks fifth with a value of € 2.5 billion.

German coach Jurgen Klopp Manage Liverpool at the club’s third meeting with Real Madrid in the Champions League final. Under his stewardship this season, Liverpool recorded one of the highest winning percentages in a Champions League match over the last two decades.

According to financial analysis, the winning percentage of teams more than 2.5 times the median club this season has improved only in two clubs, last year’s Manchester City and the 2019-20 Bayern Munich Champions League championship. Times.

In the season before Klopp arrived in Liverpool in 2014-15, the Reds’ win rate in the Champions League was only 0.3 times the median.

In contrast, Real Madrid won two-thirds of the match this season, a club twice the median, and returned from behind in each of the last three rounds of the knockout stage. Italy coach Carlo Ancelotti wants to be the only manager to win the tournament four times. Klopp has one European title in Liverpool.

But as the team progresses to the knockout round, the numbers aren’t quite talking. Manchester City have won the English Premier League title four times in the last five years, but their success in Europe has missed Pep Guardiola’s team.

The same is true for French champion Paris Saint-Germain. Both clubs have spent a lot of money in search of European glory. According to the data website, Manchester has spent more than £ 710m since 2015-16, Paris Saint-Germain at £ 530m and Liverpool and Real Madrid at around £ 230m and 6,000. I’m spending £ 10,000. After considering each player sold.

Despite this spending and continued domestic success, both Manchester and PSG appear to have overcome the final psychological hurdles in the European elite competition.

Klopp often calls his Liverpool players “mental monsters” because of their fighting spirit, but in this season’s Champions League, in particular, one team has shown the ability to save a losing position. :real madrid.

A chart showing how Real Madrid and Liverpool fought on the Champions League knockout stage. Liverpool did not fall behind in the knockout stage ties, but Real Madrid had to come from behind in each knockout stage tie. In the semi-final against Manchester City, he overturned the deficit of two goals and played 90 minutes of regulated soccer in the second round.

The Spanish champion dragged in all of the Champions League knockout games, but made three consecutive comebacks with only a few minutes left.

First played against PSG, then against defending champion Chelsea, and in the semi-finals a total of 6-5 wins against Manchester City. Here, I scored two goals 89 minutes later, but I still won.

The exploit and trophy past of the season-leading in all seven Champions League finals-means that few doubt Real’s victorious spirit.

Data visualization with Steven Bernard

Champions League finals test the spirit of two tough enemies

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