Chances for showers and storms return through the holiday weekend – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-05-29 20:41:31 –

While central Kansas was in the sun today, in western Kansas, showers and storms were seen in eastern Colorado, forming clouds.

In Texas County, Oklahoma Panhandle, a serious thunderstorm warning was issued until 1 am on Sunday.

The far west of Kansas remains highlighted under the marginal risk of isolated, intense storms, as stronger activity develops in eastern Colorado during the hot days and moves eastward tonight.

You may see an isolated storm crossing the state border into Kansas, heading from the strong side to the severe side, which can damage winds and large hail.

When migrating at night, most storms tend to be less intense as the threat shifts to heavy rain pockets with some thunderstorms.

Clouds will form tonight and temperatures will drop to the 50s.

On cloudy Sundays, showers and stormy waves are expected to pass throughout the day. As a result, temperatures can only reach 60 degrees by the afternoon.

For the rest of the weekend, thunderstorms can cause small ha ha ha and gusts, but Sundays and Mondays remain a low serious threat.

The main concern turns into heavy rain and lightning, which can affect outdoor activities on weekends for the rest of the holidays.

Total precipitation can range from 2 inches to 3 inches or more until Monday. Local floods can be even more of a concern if recent rainfall causes more heavy rainfall in already saturated areas.

Temperatures as a result of added clouds and precipitation will cool until early next week. We maintain the additional daily potential of rain and thunderstorms until mid-week and continue to monitor each wave passing until the pattern settles by the end of the week. Sunlight and seasonally warm temperatures I’ll be back by Thursday and Friday.

— Meteorologist Erica Page

Chances for showers and storms return through the holiday weekend Source link Chances for showers and storms return through the holiday weekend

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