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Tucson, Arizona 2021-10-20 01:42:12 –

Phoenix — Changes to state law that came into force on September 29 could help stop illegal street racing.

Phoenix police say they have been trying to crack down on these illegal activities for years.

“It’s an absolute mess,” said Sergeant Joe Mills when asked about what an illegal street racing event would look like.

Sergeant Mills has been a member of the Phoenix Police Street Racing Task Force since its inception in 2019.

Given the new law, he says, the activity of a driver testing his car’s ability on the street is considered an illegal street race. This includes performing burnouts and donuts.

Moreover, drivers are not the only ones to be prosecuted and sentenced to imprisonment for illegal races. Those who are captured as participating may be assisted, bet, or fined.

“There are minimum fines associated with the first and second street races, which are $ 250 and $ 500, respectively, plus an 83% surcharge, plus other surcharges.” Said Courtney Sullivan, Deputy County Attorney.

Sullivan says he is currently prosecuting 12 illegal street racing cases and handling the other 12 cases.

She tells ABC15 that these races don’t just happen on the road. “In the big city of Phoenix, people can drive on the freeway at speeds in excess of 110, 120 and 130 mph,” says Sullivan.

“They will occupy the highway. They will block the flow of traffic,” Sergeant Mills added.

Recently, 20-year-old Diego Guerrero was sentenced to 10 days in prison for a burnout. He has been convicted of a felony related to street racing.

He also remains on the investigator’s radar to this day.

“Therefore, they are not allowed to participate in, promote or participate in street racing or car club events,” Sullivan told ABC15.

Maricopa County lawyers say that if Guerrero posts on social media to promote illegal street racing, probation could be revoked and he could stand behind the bar for up to two years.

“Take personal responsibility for your actions,” said Sergeant Mills.

“We don’t go anywhere. We will continue to force this behavior until it somehow stops,” Sullivan added.

If you are convicted of a second street race within two years of the first street race, you may be charged with a felony.

Due to changes in the law, Phoenix police can also detain cars involved in street racing for 20 days.

Phoenix police say these are hotspots for illegal street racing they are often called:

  • 22nd Avenue and Durango
  • Southeast corner of 67 Avenue and I-10 Highway
  • Loop 202 South / North near 59th Street
  • I-10 heads east towards Loop 202 between 67 Avenue and the southbound lane.

Change in state law to help slow down illegal street racing Source link Change in state law to help slow down illegal street racing

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