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Music fan and mother of two boys, Erin Roberts, has been avoiding concerts for the past few weeks due to COVID concerns. In particular, we considered that the vaccinated mother was involved in a groundbreaking incident after seeing the Eagles at the Ball Arena on September 18.

She wasn’t sure where her mother was infected with the virus, but she believed the show was the culprit because of the large number of unmasked concert attendees, Roberts said.

“The current state of the industry is completely confused,” said Roberts, 44, who saw Denver band Porrollo cancel the gig this fall over concerns about the coronavirus. “There is no sure way to anticipate anything.”

Denver music enthusiasts have recently been unhappy with dozens of fall and winter concerts being shelved again, whether recently announced or rescheduled from a previous date, due to ongoing pandemic issues. I’m seeing a trend unfold. These include band and crew members who tested positive for the virus, the withdrawal of preemptive artists over safety and mental health concerns, loose venues, changing health obligations, and labor shortages. there is.

Meanwhile, fans secured refunds and scrambled to reorganize the calendar.Big Consumers Win — Like Last Month’s StubHub Settlement Paid $ 3 Million to Colorado Residents Those who haven’t refunded their tickets since last year — the number is small and there is a significant difference.

Towards October, artists such as Stevie Nicks, Lucinda Williams, Gary Numan, Dispatch, Airborn Toxic Events, Kenny G, 070 Shake, and Watski have canceled or postponed Colorado concerts due to Colorado concerns. scheduled date. On October 16th, tour band Midland canceled the Red Rocks gig for a “positive test in the camp” (the show will return on October 22nd, 2022), according to a spokeswoman.

Colorado’s performances, such as comic musician Ben Roy and jam band The String Cheese Incident, have also been canceled nationwide due to COVID concerns. An outdoor string cheese show will be held at Red Rocks on July 16th and 18th. Outbreak of COVID infecting at least 14 peopleAccording to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

“Last year we lost more than 50 reserved concerts, but we’re regaining some of them,” said Denver-based DJ Cyn, also known as 41-year-old Cynthia Mardones. He has booked DJs in town as well as national tours.

In Colorado, the concert generated $ 2.1 billion, supported 16,127 jobs and donated $ 113 million in state and local taxes, according to a September report by Oxford Economics. However, the system requires a constant circulation of dollars, and any obstruction quickly affects the associated organs.

In the four months from April 1st to July 31st, 2020, the Colorado music industry lost 8,327 jobs and had sales of $ 344.6 million. Report from Denver Arts & Venue.. According to industry observers and experts, many players have been obsessed with grants, loans, creative bookkeeping, layoffs and severances, but returning to a concert-free day in 2020 is a pail nail. Will be. Lost $ 30 billion last year..

“I’m worried that many of our independent venues will disappear if the fall and winter events are canceled this year,” said Chris Sacher, president of the Colorado Independent Venue Association, in August. I did. “Art and culture are the third largest economic impetus in the state …. The trickle-down effect becomes devastating when the venue is closed or completely closed.”

Ru Johnson, 37, an independent Denver promoter specializing in hip-hop and other urban genres, said: “Many of us really thought we would go to a concert every night, but there is a strange energy to those who want to rejoin the party community.”

Black Johnson also lamented the false information and conspiracy theories she saw in the color community about vaccines and logistics for attending the show. She is worried that the otherwise safe and welcoming event is depressing the crowd, given the relatively rare occurrence of COVID at concerts.

“Many people in many industries don’t even know the difference between different promoters and venues (differences in rules),” she said. “I heard from one person that vaccination is needed to enter the Ball Arena. I said,” They don’t (crap) there. They came in with a margarita. “

Andy Cross, Denver Post

Concert attendees will see a brasstrack band perform at the Fox Theater in Boulder on October 6, 2021.

In contrast, concert attendees cannot enter the mission ballroom lobby at the AEG Presents venue without presenting their COVID vaccine card. This is a rule that came into force on October 1st, like other promoters, venues and bands such as Dead & Co. .. We have begun to announce similar measures for Colorado concerts.

The representative of Live Nation, a mega-promoter operating in Denver, did not respond to requests for comment. AEG Presents Rocky Mountains is a regional giant booking most Red Rocks shows and refused to provide comments to officials.

Experts and analysts are cautiously optimistic about the resurgence of live music, but have been infected with COVID many times over the last 18 months and are sticking to the predictions. Like most fans and artists, their hope is that rising immunization rates will cause outbreaks and ultimately all COVID concerns will be a thing of the past.

“I’m planning to see Nathaniel Rateliff’s show (Denver singer-songwriter) in December. I’m excited to go to them because I have tickets for the drug war in February,” Roberts said. .. “Unless I’m sick.”

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Chaos in Denver concert scene throws off music fans, artists and industry Source link Chaos in Denver concert scene throws off music fans, artists and industry

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