Charged with first-degree murder, man denies killing driver on Hwy. 169

2021-10-15 16:43:06 –

Suspicious highway. 169 Road Rage shooters said in court Friday that they had never shot a driver fatally during this summer’s highway encounter in Plymouth.

Jamal L. Smith’s denial came when the prosecution presented a complaint indicting Smith for first-class murder at a hearing in the Hennepin District Court.

A new count against Smith, 33, demands life imprisonment without parole if he is convicted of the death of Crystal’s 56-year-old Jayboaton.

Given the most serious allegations Smith is currently facing, District Supreme Court Justice Toddrick Burnett raised his bail by $ 2 million to $ 3.5 million.

Smith’s lawyer was unable to comment on the new murders on Friday.

Smith from Chicago appeared in a video from prison on Friday afternoon. After hearing the newly filed accusation, he complained to Judge Peter Carhill that he had met a lawyer only once since he was first indicted and was unable to see a copy of the indictment.

Kay Hill assured Smith that he would address his concerns in time for the next hearing scheduled for Tuesday.

“I think this is a case of attention, but I don’t think there is a fair due process,” Smith said.

Smith further claimed that a single murder charge had been filed to raise bail and keep him in prison as the case progressed.

“I used to be billed for a different fee, but now I’m being billed for a different fee … because I didn’t literally do it,” he said.

Smith is currently accused of one and two murders during drive-by shooting and is a banned person in possession of firearms. Weapon accusations stem from Smith’s conviction of illegal use of guns and a felony of possession of firearms.

He was initially charged with a second deliberate murder and subsequent criminal assistance. These charges have been replaced with those contained in the latest indictment.

According to prosecutors, Boughton’s son told police that the SUV was pulled up with them when he traveled south on the highway with his father on July 6. 169 near the Rockford Road exit. His father “gestured” the SUV driver, the son said, and within 10 seconds the driver’s side window was shattered by a bullet and his father collapsed.

Police chief Eric Faden said it was caused by “some sort of traffic change” shortly after the shooting. Smith’s SUV was in the left lane and the following Boaton was in the right lane. The right turn signal light of the SUV is ” [Smith] I want to join the right lane. “

Smith was arrested in Decatur, Illinois, four days after the first indictment was filed on August 20.

Two human behavior experts who reviewed the encounter said Shooting was clearly an act of road rage..

Prosecutors leveled further allegations about the defendant at the end of last month. In a court filing, Smith said, “I aimed the gun at another driver for minor reasons while driving,” for weeks and months before the shooting.

The accusation was part of the prosecution’s notice that it intended to bring a pattern of criminal activity in court consistent with the leveled accusation against Smith.

His lawyer, Emmet Donnelly, told Star Tribune that these were “unacceptable claims and assassinations of personality. The public dissemination of such claims destroys my client’s right to a fair trial. I will do it. “

Charged with first-degree murder, man denies killing driver on Hwy. 169 Source link Charged with first-degree murder, man denies killing driver on Hwy. 169

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