Charges: Man “snapped,” killed 4, then left bodies in field

2021-09-21 21:34:01 –

NS. Approximately a week after the bodies of four people were found in an abandoned SUV in western Wisconsin, criminal accusations allegedly told his father on Tuesday that he had “snapped and shot a few.” A man was charged with murder. ..

Antoine Suggs, 38, from Scottsdale, Arizona, faces four counts of a second deliberate murder without the intent of a conspiracy. Sags went to police in Gilbert, Arizona last week after an investigator announced he was being asked to interrogate. Prosecutors said they remained imprisoned in Arizona, awaiting their transfer to Minnesota.

Suggs’ father, 56, Darren McWright, also known as Osborne, was charged with hiding his corpse in Wisconsin on four charges. The Minnesota complaint against Suggs did not name McWright as Suggs’ father, but comparing the details to the Wisconsin accusation shows that the two men are a father and a son. The Ramsey County law firm says it is considering a proceeding against McLight.

Gilbert police said Sags was taken to Maricopa County Jail on Friday. It wasn’t immediately clear if he was still there on Tuesday night due to an error in the prison’s online records. The message left at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was not returned immediately. The Ramsey County Prison telephone system lists McLight as a prisoner, but the staff there do not receive the message. It was not immediately clear whether either man had a lawyer to comment on his behalf.

The bodies of Matthew Petas (26), his half-sister Jasmine Sturm (30), and Sturm’s boyfriend 35-year-old Royce Foreman III (all St. Paul). The 30-year-old Nitosha Flug-Presley, who lives in Stillwater, Minnesota, was discovered by farmers in a cornfield about 60 miles on September 12, just outside the town of Sheridan in Dunn County, Wisconsin. (97 kilometers) East of St. Paul.

Officials said all four had gunshot wounds on their heads. Nitosha Flag Presley, who was in the passenger seat, was shot in the mouth, Petas had two gunshot wounds on the back of his head, Foreman had two gunshot wounds on his face, and another on the crown. , And Sturm suffered a gunshot wound on his left cheek, the complaint said.

Authorities said in court documents that Suggs were seen at the St. Paul’s bar on September 12, along with Flug-Presley, Sturm, and Pettus. Upon suggesting, he flew from Arizona to meet her.

According to criminal accusations against Suggs, bar employees saw a woman who looked like a Flug-Presley arguing with a man who identified her as Suggs from the photo lineup. Employees complained that Suggs said something about “I have six children, and this happens every time he returns to Minnesota.”

Later, the complaint said that Flug-Presley, Pettus, and Sturm were seen boarding a black SUV. SUVs and Sags returned to the area shortly before 3 am. Investigators believe Sags killed four victims in St. Paul. Sometime between 3:30 am and 3:48 am. vehicle.

Suggs then called his dad and appeared at about 5 am where he was staying. Suggs’father told authorities that Suggs “snapped and shot a few people.” Sags then drove an SUV from St. Paul to Wisconsin, and Sags’ father chased him. They stopped at various gas stations. A surveillance video from a St. Paul station showed Sags driving an SUV, and Flag Presley fell into the passenger seat, the complaint said.

Suggs’ father told authorities that he had told Suggs to return to Minnesota after placing the SUV in the cornfield. Suggs’ father denied knowing that the body was in an abandoned SUV, the complaint said.

However, surveillance video from a gas station in Wheeler, Wisconsin (about 16 km from the cornfield) shows that Suggs’ father handed something to an SUV driver. Suggs’ father also stood in the open passenger seat window of the SUV while in the gas station parking lot, the complaint said.

Both vehicles then left Wheeler’s gas station and drove towards the cornfield where the SUV was discovered. Investigators said they found blood in the parking lot of a gas station where the SUV stopped, the complaint said.

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