Charging and cost are still the biggest barriers to EV adoption

The majority of US shoppers are at least Ownership of electric vehicles, Consumer report‘The latest and greatest research ever shows.Of the 71% who were willing to buy a battery-powered electric vehicle, 14% “definitely” buy or lease new Electric car If you need it today — more than three times as many as those who said the same thing in 2020.

CRThe latest surveys were conducted in January and February — mainly before the first of the two surveys. Dramatic rise in fuel prices So far we’ve seen it in 2022. Still, both purchase and billing costs are cited by more than half of all respondents as a factor influencing their decisions. When asked about the most important factors in the decision, 33% said the charging cost was lower than refueling, 31% said the lifetime cost was lower, and 28% said the maintenance cost was lower.

“Among those who didn’t say they would” definitely “buy or lease an EV, the top three barriers are: Charging logisticsWhen and where you can charge (61%), the mileage until you need to charge (55%), the cost of purchasing, owning, and maintaining an EV (52%), etc.). ” CRSaid the summary.

“Almost half (46%) of Americans are unaware of the incentives available to buy an EV.” CR Said. “53% say tax rebate Or discounts at the time of purchase will encourage them to do so.Many consumers can save thousands of dollars on the price Electric car Use existing federal, state, and local incentives, such as power company incentives. “

CR also investigated the impressions of the respondents. “Drop-in” low carbon fuel — Fuel that acts as a direct replacement for gasoline or diesel With the design of an existing combustion engine. The results were fairly predictable. While 61% said environmental impact was an important factor in their purchasing decisions, only 18% rated them as “very important.” The other 43% rated them as “slightly important,” 67% of respondents used low-carbon fuels, and everything else was comparable. The other 33% obviously do not live in Iowa.

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Charging and cost are still the biggest barriers to EV adoption

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